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Kevin DePina

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Please, stay at home. Here’s why.

Staying at home helps keep us safe and
everyone around us safe and healthy.

But although, it has been government
"mandated," that we have to stay at
home, look at the bright side...

If you've EVER had dreams of starting
an online business, so you can work
remotely, now is the time to pursue that.

This coronavirus will pass, but it shows
you how much power you can have
over your earnings and work when you're
working online. Seize the opportunity
to use this free time as a means to work
towards your online business goals.

Hear me out... 

I'd like for you to take the time to study
the video I am directing to you to you'll
learn that one of our greatest asset is
... time. 

I met Kristian, the creator of this video,
6 years ago when we were both in
Empower Network.... while we both
did well, he did close to 7-figures in
that biz.

THIS biz that we are both in right now
....has excited us MORE than any other
business that we both have been in.

Surprising Kristian was a customer
in this business,for a few years,
BEFORE he started showing others
the value or the products and
opportunity in this business.

If you didn't click on the video, as
of yet, you probably don't even know
what I'm talking about.

Let me put it this way:

We have a product/business that is
so impacting that in 90 seconds this
video has made my wife, and others
cry with joy...

You certainly would think that we might
have something here, wouldn't you?

That, and the fact that this is a MULTI-
BILLION dollar company that has been
around for over 30 years.

We have a wide line of amazing green
all-natural products which impact the
lives of others in a positive way.

And my tears from watching the video
is nothing compared to what others
are able to and have achieved with
our 400+ products.

I'm telling you, if you haven't taken the
time to watch the video (which he only
did because he no longer had enough
minutes in the day to tell the same story
over and over and over to different
people), you are really in the dark as to
how much of an impact this business
has had on the people of this planet.


I mean... OVER one million people renew
EVERY MONTH.... it's not even funny.

And you can attach a very substantial
income to the mission and create wealth
as a by-product.

Just watch the video.

Let this coronavirus be a means to 
your success!

And if this business doesn't seem like
something you could sink your teeth into,
at least reply on IBOToolbox, and let me
know why. I'm dying to know.

Enjoy your family, and be safe and healthy. x

To Your Success, Health & Wealth,
Kevin DePina

If you want to reach out to us, and would
like a call back, please reach out to us

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Excellent PR; thanks Kevin for sharing this information with us - Congrats - Enjoy your day in the IBO spotlight, as FMOTD - blessings and happy Monday!Dorothy Allen

Wnjoy a Happy Featured Member day Kevin .. at home of course!Tom Riach