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44 Great PR Ideas

44 Great Blog Post Ideas

Trying to come up with interesting ideas to post on your blog, or to write Press Releases on, can be a challenge. But it is so important to do as a way to build your personal brand and build relationships. Content is King in so many ways when it comes to marketing. I hope these ideas will help you get your content juices flowing...

Useful Posts

  1. List Post
  2. "How to" Post
  3. Case Study Post
  4. Problem/Solution post
  5. Research post
  6. FAQ post
  7. Checklist post
  8. Ultimate Guide post
  9. Definition post
  10. Series post
  11. Stats post

    Being Generous Posts
  12. Profile of someone post
  13. Interview post
  14. Quote post
  15. Best of the Web post
  16. Pick of the Week post
  17. Suggested People to Follow post

    Entertaining Posts
  18. Story post
  19. Cartoon post
  20. Satire post
  21. Review Post

    Being Human Posts
  22. Survey post
  23. News post
  24. Trend post
  25. Issue post
  26. Inspirational post
  27. Holiday post
  28. Rant post

  29. Comparison post
  30. Income report post
  31. Company update post
  32. Presentation post
  33. Product Update post
  34. "Best of" post

    Being Controversial
  35. "What if" posts
  36. Debate posts
  37. Prediction post
  38. Reaction post

    Be Engaging
  39. Question post
  40. Answer post
  41. Challenge post
  42. Customer Showcase post
  43. Freebie post
  44. Contest post
To multiply your blog post ideas, don't forget that most of the above posts can be delivered in at least 4 different ways, including:
  • Text
  • Video
  • Images
  • Audio

By mixing up and delivering your content in a variety of different ways, you will always have a lot more content to deliver, and will keep your audience much more interested in what you have to say.

May God bless you and make His Face to shine upon you.


Press Release comments:

Nice observation on types of blog posts we can make. Thank You Karri Dalton-HullParuchuri Sridhar

I love how at the end you add the idea of changing the delivery as well to mix it up. Great PRJoAnne Mbonigaba

Thank you for your postWanda K Robinson

Excellent, interesting info thank you for sharing with us KarriLonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

great Job on your Pr.. Thanks for sharing with us..Susan Marie Lynch

I love lists; they trigger so many new ideas!Ralph Klingerman

GREAT Blog post, Karri. A real mind-jogger for sure. You know, that could be a free opt in piece you give away to build your list - I'm grateful that you posted it here; no opt in required.Bill Gluth