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What is Proximity Marketing with Royaltie Gems

Royaltie Gem Marketing or Proximity Marketing automatically promotes your message or link on every nearby Android phone within a signal range of 100m in every direction. It does this without the customer needing to download an App or having to accept your promotion. The recipient of your beacon message need only have their Bluetooth and Location switched on. Research shows an average 70% of cell phone users keep their Bluetooth on. Statistics also show that 60% of the world population use Android phones.

Very important to understand is that because you don't want people to regard your promotion as spam, the incoming message does not cause the phone to vibrate, or make any notification sound. It is simply a beacon sending a message that shows up when they swipe down their screen to view their notifications. Your 40-character promo subject line will appear in the list with all their other notifications, emails, missed calls etc.

So How does it work?

You rent a tiny wireless device (55mm x 56mm) called a Royaltie Gem. The cost is only $25/month for 1 gem, $49/month for 3 gems, or $99/month for 8 gems.

It is battery powered and lasts up to two years. It does not require cellular data or a WiFi connection. You simply take it out of the box and you're up and running. People often find they are getting hits to their websites before the gems even arrive in the mail, they are getting hits while theirs gems are in travel!

To set your message simply log into your back office online, choose which gem you want to program, input your message and save. Very, very easy. Your message consists of a 40 character Call to Action Message and a link. The message will also display the website's icon, so for instance a facebook page will show the facebook icon making it more attractive for the message to be opened.

How to Choose Your Audience
The options are limitless and an imagination is imperative. Imagine attending a hockey game with thousands of people in attendance, and as you sit there every Android phone within 100yards of you is getting your message to their notifications, send by your beacon. Perhaps you are a restaurant and want to promote a special you offer on Tuesday afternoons... so your promotion now goes to every Android phone that walks in the door. Perhaps you are in real estate, and now wherever you go, your digital business card is being sent to nearby Android phones.

The Royaltie Gem is a MUST HAVE for every business. If you are in business and want to enjoy the benefits of Proximity Marketing, or if you are looking to make some good money sharing this revolutionary and affordable new marketing strategy to businesses you know, get back to me today so we can chat.


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