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What is Crypto Currency?

So what is Crypto?

Wow isn't that a big question? But before I attempt to answer that, I must try to express how important I believe Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are becoming right.

It may be that Blockchain technology and the digital money(crypto currency such as Bitcoin) that runs on the Blockchain technology are now becoming one of the biggest world disrupter that the world has ever seen!!

I believe that we are seeing Bitcoin and other crypto coins becoming the world's standard of currency. Its exploding and there are so many reasons why its good.

  1. No central reserve controlling everything.
  2. Peer to peer transactions without the middleman bank or government.
  3. Public ledger (Blockchain) records of every transaction, and more. 

It doesn't take too much stretch of the imagination to see the world running on digital currency.

Suffice it to say i think crypto is AWESOME!!

So I will release a series of articles and videos that will try to impart a simple understnding of this EXTREMELY important subject as well as suggest some services that I use such a wallet that actually pays you to save your crypto in their wallet, a browser that earns you Bitcoin just for using it, and also a revolutionary POS system that allows people to purchase and spend their crypto. 

Let me ask you a question...

If you had an opportunity to buy really really cheap waterfront property, or gold, 40 years ago would you have done it? This is equivalent to buying crypto today... in my opinion. 

There is no guarantee of any earnings or profit in anything i discuss however these are my opinions based upon what i know. I am  not a financial advisor of any sort. I am merely a person who is becoming daily more passionate about the subject and think that people can benefit greatly by understanding it. 


If anyone ever says a return is guaranteed then run! And don't EVER put in more than you can afford to lose, (no matter what the asset/company/opportunity, etc.) And this certainly applies to Crypto.

Nobody knows what crypto is going to do for sure. Some say its going to $1,000,000 and some says its just a bubble. Bitcoin could drop to $0 tomorrow.

But remember, they said the same thing about automobiles, the Internet and online shopping. Just saying. 

So please watch for upcoming articles which will expound on the subject further and learn:

  • What are the financial risks or gains?
  • Where do I get Crypto? How do I spend it?
  • Where do I store/save it?
  • Is crypto a sound investment or really risky?
  • What is mining? What is arbitrage trading?
  • ...More    (STAY TUNED)

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