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Wanna Send Your Ad/Message to Every Nearby Android Phone?


That's right, you can now get this little device, called a Royaltie Gem Proximity Beacon, that will transmit your message, via Bluetooth, to every Android phone that comes within 100 yards.


Imagine, sitting in the food court at a mall, and everyone around you, sitting there on their phones, will be getting a notification from you with your text ad.

Goes right to their notifications.

Your text ad can have up to 40-characters and will link to any link you want. 

And when you order your gems you will also get free access to the Royaltie App where you can build incredible free landing pages and digital business cards. So you can program your beacons with your business card and everyone with an Android phone that comes 100 yards of you will instantly get your business card to their phone!

Everywhere I go, people around me with Android phones, receive a notification that says "I just sent you my business card." and when they click on it, my card opens up (www.KarriHull.biz)

These gems are very cheap... Only $25 per month for 1 gem or $49/month for 3 gems.

And if you refer 2 people you get 3 gems/month for FREE.
That's amazing FREE advertising right to people's phones!

For more info call or text me (see my bizcard @ www.KarriHull.biz)
or go to my info page @ www.BeaconMarketing.info 

Thanks for reading. Shalom :) 

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