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Karri Dalton

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To My IBO Family. This is SOOO Good!

Hello IBOToolbox World!

My name is is Karri Dalton-Hull from Peterborough Ontario, Canada and in this video i want to talk to you about the most incredible opportunity on the planet, (in my humble opinion)!

Its called "Cash Forex Group" and its managed Forex Trading and a FXTrading Academy. 

But don't let that scare you away! Because i know we hear about managed trading constantly now, and most of its very risky, scams and ponzi garbage.

But this company is SO solid, SO solid, So legit. It's backed by by some really good, respected names, and  they are paying members 2-4X their money! (On average it has so far, been paying aprox 6-8% per week)

Who doesn't want to earn 2-4X your money? 

And they've got a fantastic referral program that pays HUGE referral fees if you refer  anyone else. If you don't refer, you will earn 2X the money you are trading. If you refer others, you will earn 4X on the money you are trading. 

So there is a link to a 2 minute video, and if u like what you see it will bring you to more info. The company has provided us with this very professional system explains everything to you so I don't have to. So click the link, watch the 2 minute video, go through the platform  and then get back to me so we can get your questions answered. 

There is so much training, support and marketing material for anyone who wants to build this as a business.

This thing is SO SO GOOD! 

Let's truly build some long term wealth?  Watch the video then....GET BACK TO ME!!


Karri Dalton-Hull


Press Release comments:

Letting folks know about a solid company that is working well for you is the way to go. Thanks for sharing this with fellow IBO members, and congratulations on your being named Featured Member today!John Kespert