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The Things I Don't Want to To, These I Do, And the Thing I WANT to do, These I Don't Do!

This is a very famous line written by the Apostle Paul in the Book of Romans, and it is a cry from the heart that has resonated with me so many times in my life that I couldn't do the proverbial count.

As a former diehard "Personal Development" junkie, who read the books, went to the seminars, listened to the audio cassetts and lived for meditation, I somehow still never seemed to overcome this flesh of mine that wanted what it wanted and didn't want what it didn't want.

I continued to eat the bad food, watch the wrong stuff on TV, procratinate when I should be working and working when I should be resting. And failing, failing and failing. 

I'm not saying I didn't have lots of good reason to feel the way I felt. I did. Lots had happened that I won't get into but the helplessness, the weight, the dread. I didn't know how to make it better. I worked hard. I didn't want drugs so that wasn't an option. But everyday, same thing. No energy. No laughter. Wearing a mask. Hiding from the world. Just wanting a way out, not being able to find it.

My Internet marketing career was no different, and really just added to the problem. Round and round, this shiney object, that one. Running the race hard, putting in the time and the money, but never having enough confidence in my choices to stay in one race long enough to win it. More confusion. More indecision. More failure.

Then one day a tragedy in my life changed all that. We were in a motorcycle crash that left me with 9 broken ribs, broken collarbone, 4 broken vertebra, 2 collapsed lungs and a husband that would be so seriously injured he didn't know who i was for nearly 4 months and was in hospital for a year.

But what should have been the worst thing in my life turned out to be the best. Would i say it was God? Definitely. He opened my eyes to see my life and the world in a whole new way of thinking.

Through Gratitude and Faith.

So while I will not start preaching the Bible or anything, I will share point of the revelation that has become my passion for sharing and teaching...

It is not just what happens to us that determines how we feel in life. Yes bad things will happen. Difficulties arise, challenges abound, we get hurt. It is life. We live in a hurting world. But it truly matters HOW we perceive our problems, our challenges. More often then not, we create our own issues, or turn not-so-big problems, into mountains in our mind. Yet we perceive our problems can make all the difference to whether challenges will immobilize us, or empower us. 

I could go on about this forever, but let me leave you with this....

Our reality begins and ends in our minds. Success is a state of mind and failure is a state of mind. Love is a state of mind and thus is hatred. To forgive or bedgrudge. To smile or to frown. We cannot always control all of our circumstances, but we can control our how view them and whether they break us or make us stronger. 

The choice is ours. but we have to believe that.

Thanks for listening. Shalom :) 


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Press Release comments:

Congrats Karri on being achieving well deserved FMOTD recognition....Have a great day ahead.....!!!Gangadhar Kulkarni

How we overcome the obstacles in life is a BIG Key to success! Also do the things what you can't stand first then do the fun stuff!Lawrence Bergfeld

Yes perception is everything and it is amazing that we have the ability to change at any time. No matter we have been through! Thanks for sharingDiana Caswell

Sorry to hear what happened Karri, despite all the turbulance we all seem to experience in one way or the other its almost as if things happen for us and to bring about something new or life changing, wishing you every success.Paul Nulty

Sorry to hear that life has been difficult for you and your family, Karri. You are right your thoughts determine how you feel. Thank you for posting, Karri.Dominic Goss