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Karri Dalton

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Testimony and Warnings From a Dreamer


For those of you with an overactive imagination like myself, especially living in the world of online marketing where the dream is flaunted to you from all directions, it is easy to get lost in the mind, in the sea of fantasy where life is everything you want it it to be in every area. 

For those struggling financially, workng hard online to make that dream a reality, sometimes the fantasy is the only way out.

I've spoken to many online entrepreneurs who struggle with this issue. But wherein lies the problem?

When one loses site of reality and in desperation makes unwise decisions, spending money that they cannot afford, and chasing too many shiney objects. Desperation to start making money, combined with the belief that one can change their situation overnight from rags to riches, is an open invitation for disaster and a mistake about to happen.

So this can be the downfall of having an overactive, over ambitious imagination and desire for online success - the tendancy to jump to quick and fall for too much hype. This can be an expensive lession if one isn't careful. Consider carefully what you hear, and be slow to believe opportunities of promise.

On the other hand, it is the dreamer who will finally reach that level of success that he has aspired so frequently in his mind to achieve.

We have all heard it said that it can be conceived it can be achieved.

So don't give up. Never stop dreaming but make sure that you are in control of the dream, it is not the dream in control of you.

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