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Proximity Marketing With Royaltie Gems

What if you could advertise and brand your business by sending your advertisement and link to every Bluetooth enabled Android phone that comes within 100 yard radius of you? Would that help your business?

Well now you can! Introducing, the Royaltie Gem. This small pocket sized beacon device will transmit a signal and leave your message and call to action to every Android phone within 100 yards of the Gem. 

These are small enough to fit on a keychain so just put the Gem in your pocket or purse and go. You've now become a walking billboard.

Use the Gem at coffee shops, concerts, sporting events, parades, night clubs, or anywhere else there are a lot of people. Imagine sending your message to thousands of cell phones every week. Have you ever heard of such powerful advertisinng? 

Royaltie Gems are 100% FFC compliant, durable, water resistant and come with a two year battery. That means you don't have to worry about charging the Gem. Many people hide their device in areas where there are lots of people. And they are so low cost, you can order several of them and ask your friends, family or staff to put one on THEIR keychain. 

Gems are simple to setup and you can change your message at anytime. There is also a built in automation so you can set it to change by itself at specific intervals or times. Its that easy. 

And you wil become an affiliate for free when you become a customer. Refer just a couple of people and your Gems are FREE. 

Watch the video below then get back to me. You can call or text me @ 705-957-0710 or find me on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/karridaltonhull 


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Hello Karri, remember this is now outdated information. You may want to update the information on this article.Spencer Taylor Jr

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