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Man Uses Royaltie Gems to Find Lost Dog

Here is an awesome video testimonial about this guy who lost his elderly, fifteen year old dog. The dog got out of the backyard and the guy was in a panic. After driving around for half and hour, asking neighbors, calling SPCA, posting on social media and other traditional forms of advertisinng, looking for the dog, he finally realized he might be able to use his Royaltie Gems and the Royaltie app to find the dog. 

He quickly programmed the gem, (which will transmit a message to every Android phone within 100 yards) with a 40-character message and link to a flyer that he used the Royaltie App to create a flyer.  Then he went about the neighborhood carrying his Royaltie Gem in his pocket, hoping that someone would see the ad on their phone and contact him.

And sure enough a short time later, he got a phone call from someone saying that they saw the notification on their phone about the lost dog and that this person had the dog. The Royaltie Gem had saved the day!

What an amazing technology! 

Yesterday i went to a festival down at the beach and within 3 hours I had over 117 views to my website and got 2 sales. Yippee. 

And what did i have to do? NOTHING... Well i had to GO TO THE FESTIVAL. That's it. This little pocket sized device is a beacon that will send your message to every nearby Android phone, without you having to DO ANYTHING but be within 100 yards (and now we have 400 and 1000 yard beacons as well).

The question is, why would you not want one of these to advertise YOUR business?

Only $25/month for one gem and $12/month for additional gems.

Royaltie Gems are 100% FCC compliant, durable, water resistant, and have a 2 year battery so u don't have to charge it. 

You will literally become a walking billboard. But its better than that because the message goes to their phone. Who doesnt check their phone notifications?

And it still gets better. If you refer just a few people you will get 3 Royaltie Gems FREE.

Where is the risk in trying this? Its the best advertising you will ever see!!



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