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July 5 GXBroker Company Overview by CEO

What is GXBroker?

So much has changed in the 6 months since this webinar was first broadcast, back in July 2019, and GlobalXchange, (GX) is quickly on its way to becoming a world superpower in the crypto space.

I can't believe that I'm a part of it, and that I am one of the rare ones who will have, and sieze on the opportunity to buy a brokerage or two, of what will prove to be the opportunity of the century, in my opinion. I do believe that getting a GXBrokerage now for $1000, is akin to those who bought a McDonalds restaurant back in 1955 for $100. 

In this video, Shorupan Pirakaspathy, CEO and co-founder of Nvest Group (the Parent company of GlobalXchange), tells what and who GlobalXchange and Nvest Group is. 

Be prepared to be amazed. But this is an older video, that does a spectacular job of laying the groundwork for this fantastic operation. This webinar will prove to be an important piece of history, when we look back and remember the beginning. 

So enjoy the video. You will see a tour of the first ever, Cryptocurrency bank with a physical branch in several locations around the world. Currently there are 3 locations, (date of writing Jan 11/20), but by the end of this quarter there will be 5 physical locations around the world. 

There will only ever be a maximum of 250,000 of us GXBrokers around the world, to service the entire world. That means if someone wants to use our platform, which they will, they need to join through the link of a GXBroker. And when a customer signs up, that broker will receive transaction fees on every transaction ever performed by the customer. Like any exchange. But more about that in another blog. 

For more info go to http://www.GXBroker.info 


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