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Have You Jumped On The Crypto Train Yet? Got Bitcoin?


So Why Do I Think That Crypto is So important? 

What if you bought some Internet or Tech stock in the 1990's? Where would you be today? Where are the people who saw the vision of the Internet back then?

But there is something happening right now that is much bigger than just new technology. As much as the Internet changed our world, MONEY as we know it and use it is now changing. What will this mean? If the dollar as the world's reserve currency suddenly becomes worthless, what will happen? 

All indications say it is on the way out. And to protect our families from the crash that is coming, we must be aware of what's going on. 

Will crypto replace it? It seems yes.It is working very well and unlikely that a different technology from Blockchain and crypto will suddenly come along now to offer a workable, global monetary solution. 

Even the most brilliant people in the world like Robert Kiyosaki agrees that crypto will be around in 20 years but the dollar will NOT. 

Why Get in Now?

Crypto is cheap right now. But it is scarce. At least Bitcoin is. But as acceptance and demand goes up, it is my opinion the value will skyrocket. 

So what if you could accumulate some bitcoin now? Don't you think that would be smart?

But remember, there is always a risk in finances. Crypto is volatile and it can be risky. It is most unregulated and scammers are rampant. Do you due diligence and don't ever risk more than you can afford to lose!

The goal of this article is to show you that if you use wisdom, you can cash in big-time on this new money paradigm shift. I am not a financial advisor, I am just sharing my own personal opinions.

About Me: I am a cryptocurrency trader, investor and miner. I have been trading and investing in Bitcoin for aprox one year. I have seen growth in my portfolio even during this bear market. I would like to share how you can earn consistently on my crypto, regardless of what the market is doing. (The House Always Wins.Get a piece of the House).

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**DISCLAIMER: Trading involves risk and there is never any guarantees of return or profit. Only trade money you are prepared to lose. Plus Token, nor myself, will be held liable for any monies lost through your actions.

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Karri, crypto currency is becoming a valuable resource. Sharing for you.Christopher Reams Sr