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Focus is the Key to Success in All Areas of Life

When I look back on the struggles
& failures I've faced in my life,
I realize now that the undeniable, unchanging element in each situation, was my lack of focus.

As I have alluded to some of my other writings and on my blog that some of you many have read, I came to the realization a few months ago that I have been suffering from a severe case of depression for many years.

There are many things in my life that contributed to this condition, ranging from present and past life circumstances, diet and health choices, relational and family situations, self-defeating self talk, and of course financial circumstances. This condition was compounded by the fact that I was unaware that I even suffered from depression but had a long-time, deeply ingrained self mis-belief system that kept me shackled
to repeated failures which, of course, in turn compounded my feelings of self hatred and hopelessness.

Most hurtful of all was that I am a deeply committed Christian, and since many lessons from the pulpit teach us that once we give our lives to Christ we will be from a life of condemnation, I felt even more guilt and failure in even this most important area.

"How could I be a good witness for Christ when my life was such a mess in every area?"

Praise God that recently I stumbled onto a depression recovery program that helped me to see the truth of my situation, and taught me how to escape the clutches of this debilitating state.

Of course it began with prayer and seeking God's help to change, because the one thing that I had become painfully aware of was that no matter how much I wanted to, I could not change myself. But as I sought Him and asked Him to help me become the person He created me to be, He increased the desire in me to change, and to walk in obedience. It was at this point, when I reached my low, that I stumbled into the depression recovery program and began my life of change.

But it wasn't until I started to focus, first on God, and then on the other important areas (relationships, health, etc.) that I started to see change.

And It Was Certainly True in My Business

For years I had no focus, trying one thing one day, something else another day. I would put all my energy into something for a short period of time, and then if it didn't produce immediate results I would convince myself it wasn't going to work, and start seeking something else.

What a vicious path leading to nowhere!

When I look back now I know that had I remained focused, I would probably be very rich today financially. However, these were lessons that I now cherish, and believe that I had to learn in order to ever be a truly effective warrior for Christ. My purpose in life is to help guide others who suffer in that same darkness and confusion (Spiritually, emotionally and business-wise). You can never truly help someone in a certain area until you've walked the proverbial mile.

And I walked more than one!(lol)

The lesson here... FOCUS AND NEVER GIVE UP!

May God bless you and make His Face to shine upon you. xox


Press Release comments:

Karri thank you for this PRWanda K Robinson

Hello Karri, How is business? To the Top for youCarolina Esquire

Thank you for this inspiring Press Release, Karri. Have a truly blessed and prosperous week.Patricia Reynolds

Powerful and Inspirational PR Karri, I know what depression can do to people and it's not nice. I'm sure most people have felt a degree of depression in their lifetime there is debilitating depression that can last a lifetime. What I wonderful feeling to be able to control and overcome your depression...It's a mighty blessing indeed! I shared this. Robin Robinson

This is a very interesting PR thank you for sharing KarriLonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Thnks Billl. I think its the biggest reason that so many people are failing to make money online. We call it the Shiny Object Syndrome of course and if people would just realize they have to give it time it will workKarri Dalton

No question, Karri, focus is a huge key. Staying focused can be a challenge but so worth the effort when done consistently. Great PR and a wonderful reminder. thank you.Bill Gluth