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Bitcoin Predicted 10 years Before it Was Released

In 1999, ten years before Satoshi Nakamoto released his infamous Bitcoin Whitepaper to the world, Noble prize winning economist Milton Friedman said in an interview: 

"I think that the Internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government.
The one thing that's missing but will soon be developed is a reliable e-cash. A method where by,
on the Internet, you can transfer funds from A to B, without A know B or B knowing A..."

So the fact that I point out in the video is that now, only 20 years after this interview took place, (and only 10 years since Bitcoin was unleased), there are billions of transactions and trades happening in crypto everyday. 



Or are we entering a New Age?

An New Economic Age where the world has little need for a 3rd-party, Central Authority to oversee, manipulate & control the World's finances (ie. Banks, Governments, Federal Reserve).

I do believe we are entering a New Age. The Age of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain.

An Age where every transaction is recorded publicly on the Blockchain, money can't be manufactured by any one entity, and the entire network works together with the technology to make it work.

When you understand the Blockchain community and how far the technology has come in transforming the world, you can easily imagine that in 10 years it will be the way.

For more info watch for more of my press releases or videos. 

What I Do?:

I help to educate people on Bitcoin, crypto, blockchain. 

I promote 2 awesome Blockchain projects that I believe to be the safest blockchain solutions on the planet, as well as the most profitable. The opportunities to plant your stake in the Crypto space is now, before the masses. But with new territory comes scammers and thieves. So you have to be careful and do your due diligence. I've learned the hard way  (See my testimonial).

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Hope u found this useful. Stay tuned for more. 


Press Release comments:

Hi Karri, I love that you're into crypto. I'm going to check into your wallet that pays us to HODL since that's what many are doing anyways, except for those traders buying and selling chunks and making the prices so volatile, besides the news out there of course. Thanks for the information - great PR.Whitney Jacqueline

Congratulations Karri on being the featured member of the day.
Gloria S

Thanks for sharing this blog post on Crypto Karri and congratulations being the FMOTDSharon Naraine

Crypto is growing. Congratulations Karri on Featured Member of the Day.Dominic Goss

Hello Karri, People thought BitCoin was just a passing phase but it's here to stay and getting stronger. I see even FB is getting in on the action to release their own Cryptocurrency. But like FB took Social media, I think BitCoin is the Big Guy on the Block. Congratulations for earning IBO Featured Member! Robin Robinson

Beauitful Press Release Karri Dalton, I agree on the money vs Bitcoin...we are turning into a paperless world. Congats on being Featured Member Of The Day, Go IBO! :DQUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Thanks Karri for sharing your knowledge with us...Wish you continued success in your business. Mike Seals