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Karri Dalton

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Become a GXBroker. We Make Crypto Easy!

Why You Should Become an Affiliate Crypto Broker with GXBroker

Imagine, a crypto platform that offers PHONE SUPPORT!! 

I have to tell this story. Earlier today i had someone trying to buy bitcoin to join as a broker. They had some trouble so went ahead and bought at Coinbase, instead of asking for help in his support chat at GX. Now he has to wait 9 days for his Bitcoin. When he finally reached out to his GXCustomer support to say he needed help, his support agent at GX, CALLED HIM to give him help. Meanwhile Coinbase locks his funds for 9 days.

Why will anyone will want to use any other exchange or platform is beyond me! Oh wait i know... THEY WON'T!!

Everyone will soon want to come to GlobalXChange for their crypto needs because that's where people will find the help. They will have a TEAM of experts at their beck and call to walk them through the entire process, no matter what they want to do (purchase crypto with fiat, trade crypto, invest crypto into our money markets, or just learn what crypto is...)

Until now crypto has been really, really HARD!

Hard to understand! Hard to use.

Extremely hard to buy!

I mean, IF you can figure out a payment method that works to make your purchase, because credit cards don't, then you gotta try to figure out how to use the websites/exchanges. There is no live help and if something goes wrong u can be waiting for long time. It's been a nightmare to do anything!

But more and more people are wanting to turn to crypto. People are realizing how fast their dollar is losing value, and it seems to be happening faster, (perhaps because of the billions they are printing each month and the $150TRILLIAN that has disappeared...) Rant anyway i was saying, more are more people are starting to realize the current monetary system is volatile and that there is value in having an alternative money.

And we at GXBroker will be waiting there to make it easy for them!!

If you’re already using crypto, or trading, you will be able to use our platform to do all their trades on all your  favorite exchanges, instead of having 700 different accounts! Why would you want to go anywhere else? You won't!

And anyone who is a network marketer in crypto will ALL need our service to onboard their new recruits, and helping them get crypto fast and easy.

So if you are looking for the opportunity of a century, get back to me, because this is going to be very very, profitable. GlobalXchange is disrupting crypto. Brokers who get on now will own a piece for life. 

Half price until Jan 1st ($500 ONE TIME)



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Excellent Press Release Karri Dalton, sounds like you have found a better way with GXBroker; and Congrats on being Featured Member Of The Day, To New Beginnings 2020, Go IBO! :DQUEENHAJAR AKANQI