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Karri Dalton

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Atitude Is the Filter Through Which All Life Circumstances Should be Sifted

As I sat here pondering what I should write about, my mind landed on the word "Attitude".

It is a subject so dear to my heart, and i wonder how on earth I will be able to aptly give a strong enough expression of a word that can alter so much in one's life.

After all, isn't reallity itself merely a perception that is determined almost completely by one's attitude?

For we all KNOW in our hearts how vitally important it is to have a "Good"attitude. Most every one of use could rhyme off 10 reasons WHY it is so important to have a positive attitude. But the question we must ask ourselves is, "Do I?" 

"Do I have a good attitude when things don't go my way"?

"Or, do I give myself permission to respond with a poor attitude, every time a little problem comes my way..."?

I don't mean to sound unsympathetic, but having things go wrong, such as: getting a flat tire, losing money, stubbing our toe, getting sick, getting kicked in the butt, having a bad hair day and getting up on the wrong side of the bed, is NOT LICENCE to get cranky, start cursing (above or below our breath) or to even... hang on for this one... to even THINK negative thoughts.

That's right, I'm saying we shouldn't even THINK negative thoughts when stupid little things happen to us that could potentially ruin our day.

Of course, the negative stuff is going to enter your mind, but the Bible says we are supposed to "Cast those thoughts down". Don't meditate on them. Don't let your mind be a garbage dump where the world, circumstances, and our own selves put all these judgemental, discouraging, fearful, negative ideas in our head that we then think on and allow into our hearts.

I'm not saying that we should all just be walking around with unrealistic rosy glasses through which we all should view the world. But I am saying that when I choose to put on those rose glasses and look at my situation through those lenses instead of dark shades then even my darkest situation seems much brighter.

I used to view the world with very dark glasses and my world was very dark. Then my husband and i were in a terrible motorcycle crash and God gave me a new pair of glasses. What should have been the worst year and a half of my life has been the best. I'll tell you about it in another post.

Shalom. Thanks for listening.


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Press Release comments:

Karri, an excellent "Attitude" to carry into the new year. You think something trivial is the end of World, then something serious comes along and causes you to re-think what's important and what's not. Congratulations for again earning IBO Featured Member of The Day!Robin Robinson

Great PR Karri! It's always a good thing to have an attitude check once in a while. I think there's a saying about your altitude depending one's attitude...Our thoughts play a major role in our attitude. Casting those as instructed in the bible is wise for sure. Being grateful as well is another attitude that affects our view on things, with usually many benefits. Thanks again for sharing, congrats on your selection as FMOD and much success to you. Shalom!Val Mbayen

Hello Karri,great article and congrats on becoming FMOTD enjoy your day!Shermone Johnson

Thanks for sharing this, Karri. I always say that it's not about the problems that attack you, it's your reaction to them that counts. Congratulations on being our Featured Member today.Sandy Blomstrom

Thanks so much for the kind comments I was really surprised when i logged in and saw a congrats. Thanks IBO Admin for this great honor <3Karri Dalton

Congratulations on being elected FMOTD. Karri let your attitude soar.Larry Gaylord

Attitude is most definitely an important part of ones character and it's something that we can always improve upon. Great Post! Congrats for making it t FMOTD.Paul Nulty

Congratulations Karri on being the FMOD.Enjoy it.nadda nadda

It's possible to teach yourself to be positive, I know been there done that and thank god I did. Life is so much better. Thank you Karri for sharing.Wanda K Robinson

Congratulations on being member of the day!Melanie Young

Karri congratulations on being featured member of the day!Kenneth Leon

Certainly a test of attitude is to see how it stands up in the bad times as well as the good and you've written of that here Karri with thoughtfulness and a perceptive eye. I learned from the read and enjoyed it as indeed I enjoy knowing that you are today's Featured Member, that's a significant achievement - well done! Enjoy a busy and fun time as our front page celebrity!Tom Riach

Attitude is important. I've heard that some businesses will hire the person with a good attitude over a more skilled person. Congratulations on being Feature Member Of The Day, Karri.Dominic Goss

Congrats on being our FMOTD KarriGary Welsh