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Karri Dalton

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Are We Entering a New Age? The Age of Crypto?

So lets look at why Bitcoin is so important.

Bitcoin/Crypto Offers a Sweet Monetary Alternative

Bitcoin is so important first and foremost because it offers a viable, working alternative to the world’s current  failing monetary system. It may seem to many that the current system is working, that it will continue to work and that it is trustworthy, but that is simply not true.

The world is so far to in debt that there could never be a way out.

So many people around the world are homeless and hungry. Politics and economic manipulation by the elite continues to widen the gap between the rich and the poor.. We are working 2 jobs our debt far outweighs our assets. And the central authorities who control it all are private individuals who are accountable to no one. They print new money unchecked, continuing to cause the value to go down. Yet we must blindly trust because what other choice do we have? We are living on borrowed time and the financial system is a houses of cards that is surely about to come crashing down. 

The question is not "IF", but "WHEN".

So is your money safe sitting in bank somewhere or invested in the options that the financial institutions push on us? Not at all (in my humble opinion). It’s like in trusting your key to freedom in the hands of your slave master, in who’s best interest it is to do whatever is necessary to keep you enslaved.

All the brightest minds in the world are working on Crypto now, working to solve the many issues that this new economy faces. And they are finding solutions. From the ashes of nothing only 10 years ago, while taking on the banking and government giants that do not want it to succeed, Bitcoin has risen to greatness and is now used by millions of people billions of times per day around the world.  

Crypto will replace the current corrupt financial system. It is happening now.

Bitcoin gives us freedom from inflation. It offers low fees by eliminating the middleman, it is fraud proof, cannot be hacked. It gives you complete control over your own funds,  privacy,  and so much more.

All transactions are recorded in encrypted form, forever, on an online public ledger that is run by entire network - the blockchain. It is a network run and protected by the network.

To learn how you can profit greatly within this emerging new industry contact me. There are some very lucrative opportunities that have no cost and huge returns. 

This is a whole new frontier, and where there is new frontier there is opportunity. Contact me!


Karri Dalton-Hull

Press Release comments:

Hi Karri. I am not a Crypto enthusiast but it seems you sure are! Not sure if your predictions will come true...only time will tell. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us.Don Merrill