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Just Launched - Figo Traffic Ads | Is Email Marketing Right For Your Business? - Part 2 of 2

Just Launched - Figo Traffic Ads

Figo Traffic Ads has just launched by James Stevens. It is a Traffic Surf Exchange  and Viral Mailer with digital marketing tools that works and offers several free new member ad perks. Figo Traffic Ads is Free and you just can not beat the appeal of no-cost online advertising. Figo Traffic Ads is a Money Maker that will Earn REAL CASH COMMISSIONS when your referrals purchase extra credits or services.

Here is a list benefits for those who join today:

  • Free Lifetime Membership Upgrade
  • Free Daily and Monthly Ad Points
  • Free URL Cloaker and Rotator
  • Log-In Page Advertising
  • Proven Traffic Sources
  • Viral URL Rotator
  • Free To Join
  • Much More!

Act now and join today!

Is Email Marketing Right For Your Business? - Part 2 of 2

Next you should consider the products and services you offer in an attempt to determine whether or not your message can be effectively stated in an email. This is important because if you offer a product or service which is difficult to explain the emails you use for marketing are not likely to be understood or well received by the recipients of your email distribution list. This is important because you want to be able to convince potential customers of the need for the products and services your offer, not make them feel more confused. 

Finally, an important concept to consider is the possibility that your email messages will be viewed as spam. This is a very important concept because emails which are viewed as spam are not likely to be well received by the recipients and may not ever even make it to the recipients if their spam filters tag these emails as spam. Even if the emails do reach the intended recipients many Internet users have grown accustomed to weeding out spam rather quickly and will be quick to delete, without reading first, emails which are suspected to be spam. 

In determining whether or not your emails are likely to be viewed as spam, it is important to consider the subject of your business and therefore the emails you send out. This is important because certain subjects such as weight loss pills are likely to be viewed as spam more quickly than other items. If you are in the business of marketing products or services which would likely cause your emails to be deemed spam, orchestrating an email marketing campaign may not be worthwhile. 

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