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The Saturday Truth Session by Jim Mack

Hey there, 

Welcome to Saturday Truth Session Number 64

Sometimes all of us can take things a little too seriously. Life gets in the way and there just isn't anything that is very damn funny. Myself...I'm hilarious. just ask me. A cop pulled me over the other day and asked if I knew why he was following me. I replied, "Because I'm funny on twitter?" Oh wow. I know! 
Everyone can benefit from having a sense of humor. By taking a lighter approach, we can make everything we do much easier. A laugh, a smile, or a good-natured joke can be just what it takes to ease stress and tension. It makes our work more fun and our interactions with others more enjoyable and memorable.

Given our current state of world affairs, tough economic times, and the challenges that come with being a leader, a sense of humor can make all the difference - to you and to others. It's not about making light of serious issues. But there is a time and place for humor. And, a leader who knows how to use it in appropriate ways will be respected by others.

Humor is good for us. It helps decrease our stress level while helping us gain perspective on the issues with which we're confronted. Sometimes, it's in our humor that we gain new insights into problems that we're trying to solve. A light-hearted approach also benefits others. 
When a leader sets the tone, he or she makes it "okay" for others to do the same. During these stressful economic times, both employers and employees, alike, can benefit from infusing a lighter tone into work situations. It can help make teams more collaborative and productive.

While running a company is serious business, we can all benefit from enjoying our work experiences. When we take time for laughter, we awaken ourselves to what is important in life - enjoying the present moment.

Are you taking things too seriously? When is the last time you shared a good laugh with others? What can you do to lighten the mood and bring more smiles into the workplace?

"A leader is the one who climbs the tallest tree, surveys the entire situation, and yells, 'Wrong Jungle!'" -- Stephen Covey
Go out and crush it this week!

All the best...

Jim Mack

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