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Jonathan Jenkins

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Throughout our history there have been many movements and revolutions. Changes and growth happen within these times and they often cycle round again.

The obvious example are wars throughout history. There have been many (for different justifications), be it a “land grab”, oil, religious beliefs – the reasons are almost endless. But then they pass for a while until they come around yet again. When regimes are forced to change, it’s called a revolution, but often we forget that this is also the latest in a long line of similar actions over history.

World War One became World War Two, which became the Korean war, which became Vietnam, which became Afghanistan and the gulf wars and the wars on terror.

We still have not learnt enough from those mistakes to break free from the loop of those iterations.

Similarly, business happens in cycles, trends rotate around and come back to the forefront. All it takes is a slight reimagination of an old idea to give it a whole new lease of life. But here’s an interesting thought: what would happen, what could our businesses and even our world become if we, instead of repeating the past, learn and do something new? Something we have never done before. What heights could our businesses soar to if we chose for once to not repeat the past?

Our histories tell us that a little revolution every now and then is a good thing, they make changes for the better, and this is true, but only if we choose to learn from the ones that came before. The lessons are always there we just need to see and accept them, and then move on.

If your business has made mistakes in the past, face those demons head on and do something innovative to overcome those past blocks.

Jonathan D Jenkins

Press Release comments:

Nice thoughts Jonathan, we need to learn from our mistakes.Tommy Olsson

Semi regular revolutions in your mindset and strategies are a healthy sign of life and business awareness Jonathan, you make the point very succinctly.Tom Riach