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Are You Losing Sales by Leaving Out Crucial Info?

Are You Losing Sales by Leaving Out Crucial Info?
I got a free trial download of a very popular software program. I used it, liked it, and when the trial was over, I wanted to buy the software.
But guess what? Nowhere, and I mean nowhere – on the order form did it tell me if I was getting the software for one month, one year or a lifetime.
I "think" it was an annual fee. But I wasn’t sure. And that is why I didn’t buy it.
Make no mistake: This is MAJOR BRAND NAME software, not some new start-up. An established company that should know better.
Then today I get an unrelated email from someone telling me that it’s the last chance to get their "B&G" notes at 50% off.
They go on to tell me the price is doubling, the "B&G" event was legendary, and missing out on these notes would be a terrible thing indeed.
But I don't have a clue what "B&G" is, and they don't tell me, either.
Another sale lost.
So, let me ask you: What information are you leaving out that your customer needs to make an informed decision?
Odds are you have no idea this info is missing. If you did, you would have filled it in already.
You might ask someone to read over all of your sales material, and have them write down any questions that pop up.
If you can, ask prospects why they didn't buy.
And maybe even place chat or an email contact on your sales page. This way if people have a question, they can let you know what it is. Then you can update your sales page to include this important but missing info.
And what if they ask something that is covered on your sales page or check out page? Make that information easier to find for the next prospect.
Don't lose sales just because you’ve left out a crucial piece of info.

Press Release comments:

Very informative article, enjoyed the infoBobby Brown

Good points made Jonathan. It's happened for me too where I didn't buy something because I didn't understand what I was getting or what my end of the deal was suppose to be. From my own experience, sometimes people leave this out if they feel like "explaining the actual deal" could result in lost sales. So it could turn out you made a good decision!Jaye Carden

Jonathan - Really great point and one we sometimes forget. Thanks.Edgar Allen

Thanks for the pointers Jonathan. We often expect people to know what we are talking about because it is common knowledge to us.Louise Kinnear

Great point made in your article Jonathan! This is the reason I either look for a valid demo of the software or do my own so that my potential customers can see what they can expect from the software as well as the price point! Thanks for sharing!!Spencer Taylor Jr