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Frank Osorio

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Now That I Quit MLM I’m Making More Money…


For over 11 years I tried to make money online and failed. I sucked at recruiting, I couldn’t even give away a free Business Building Report. (Can you relate?)

I did everything my upline told me to do. You know stuff like:

  • Talk to everyone you know.
  • Build relationships on social media sites.
  • Buy training material.

I tried it all and failed really bad! If anyone tells you that working online is easy, they are lying to you!

YES I threw In The Towel!

After wasting about $5ooo in different online ventures and on marketing funnels I finally quit. I told myself “there’s got to be a better way to make money online?”

Then I got a message from a friend on facebook, saying:

Friend: Hi Frank, how’s your business doing?

Me: It’s doing terrible why?

Friend: If I can show you how to make a ton of money without
recruiting a single person would you be interested?

Me: Yes, I’m very interested.

My friend introduced me to making passive income using bitcoin.. This investment company earns me 8% – 14% weekly on my investment. A week later I was all set up and making money without talking to a single person!

  • No more training calls that don’t work.
  • No more time wasted trying to build relationships.

Now I have all the time freedom I need to do the things I love! So can you!

When you use the power of compounding (reinvesting) you’ll be making life changing income!

I invested $940 and my ex fellow network marketers thought I was crazy!

I Thought The Same Thing You’re Thinking Right Now…

$940 is a bit too much to start a new money making venture. Then I realized that in the past I was wasting $200 a month for 14 months with my internet program, marketing courses and my marketing funnel. And what did get in return? $0!  So in those wasted 14 months I lost $2800.00!!

NOTE: By you investing $940 one time, at 12.2% weekly profits you receive $114 a week. And that’s with NO recruiting! Or you can reinvest that $114 for even bigger weekly profits! In 8 weeks I made my start up money up! Sure beats trying to figure how to make money with a Home Based Business!

Here's what I hated the most of MLM: Sure I made a sale or two a month. But then my new members would quit after 30 days. So I was just replacing the ones that kept quitting. Is that a way to run a business?

If you’ve been in the Internet Marketing arena (MLM) for some time and still not making the kind of money you dream of, then maybe it’s time for you to change your thinking.  

Request More Information Today To Have A Better Financial Future!

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Congrats on being Member Of The Day!Jonathan Jenkins

Happy Featured Member day Frank - enjoy a memorable and fun time! You article is certainly worthy of the award. Realising that wise investing and using the power of compounding is the surest route to meaningful financial gain is the greatest single discovery anyone can make.Tom Riach

Frank, your story reflects the stories of so many people. Try and fail, and try again, until you finally find a winner that you feel comfortable with! Awesome! :-)Herb Ratsch

Your story can relate to mine, Frank. Thanks for sharing what you're interested in doing!Jessmond Tenio