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Jessmond Tenio

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Hey guys,

Thanks for visiting my IBO Toolbox page. You're welcome to stay on this page for as long as you want to read interesting information about how your health can be self-healed through cell restoration and gives your body the ability to heal itself faster and effectively and with natural energy.

I am an independent associate now of a global company promoting a patented health breakthrough technology that  is a new category in health science 10 - 15 years ahead of its time.  The health benefits of this technology are proven by medical professionals and scientists in the U.S. Independent associates are paid 8 ways without a cap. The company opted to promote their breakthrough products via network marketing because they want their associates to be happy, earning healthy commissions from their unique payment structure. They also have free products for 'Loyalty Reward Points' earned by affiliates who have monthly auto-ship and free travels to America, Europe, Asia, and Australia for those who are qualified. Every movement to higher positions in their payment structure are recognized and acknowledged. 

If you want more information, read my PR's and there you can find the link to the presentation about this health breakthrough technology.

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Your Partner in Success,
Jessmond Tenio
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