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Jessmond Tenio

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This Is My Short Story

This is my Short Story

Hey friends,

I am a retired branch manager of a financial institution. I've been in 3 financial institutions and 1 insurance company for the past 30 years before I retired on the 15th of Feb. 2020. I have 2 grown up kids. My daughter is in 1st year college and my son is an intern architect now. My wife is a GM of a car dealership company.

Something was not perfect before when I had a job in my last financial institution. There are 2 instances that turned me off. The first one was when I asked permission to travel with my wife and 2 kids to the U.S. in July 2019 and they didn't allow me. The 2nd time was that they wanted me reassigned far from our residence to an island where I have to travel 115 kilometers by land and 1 hour & 30 min. by sea. The last one was the reason I availed for retirement.

I have been involved in a global company since Mar. 3 this year that has a breakthrough technology that restores cellular health and gives your body the ability to heal itself faster and effectively. The technology signals the communication of cells thus self-healing any health issues you have. It is 10-15 years ahead of its time and a new category creator in health science. This happen so fast when I was searching for another job last Mar. 1, 2020 - Sunday evening a message popped up from my LinkedIn back-office and it came from my new connection that said “Hey, are you open to learning about a great opportunity that gives you longer life and pays you generously for sharing information to others that you want to help?”. I didn’t mind that at first but when I was about to sleep that night, I couldn’t sleep. It was because of the message that he said. So on Mar. 2, I PMed the guy “Hey Don, what are you working now?” and he replied with these exact words, “I am working now on a global project with a patented health breakthrough technology that turns on your body’s ability to heal itself and the company pays 8 ways without a cap”. After he replied, I signed up as an associate of the company that he’s working with on Mar 3, 2020 after doing sufficient research about the global company and I found it to be legitimate.

Now being an associate of this global company, I have the time to do things that I want, working at home. I am currently happy with what I am doing now because the company is generous and I can share something with my family for food on the table to eat. I can spend more time with my family. For me this is the latest chapter of my life that I am journeying now.

Everyday when I wake up in the morning, I always picture the quote of Christian Larson that said, “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle”.

If you hear a question from someone you newly know that says, “Hey, are you open to learning about a great opportunity that gives you longer life and pays you generously for sharing information to others that you want to help?” , would you be open and kind enough to know more about what he said?

If you put “Yes” now in the comment below, click the text link above this video also that says “additional information available” so I will send you a testimonial video of a critically injured snow-boarding athlete and a world-record holder swimming athlete showing you how they transformed their lives with this breakthrough technology.

Thank you for watching and good-bye!

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Thank you for sharing Jessmond, Great to see you got to retire. Enjoy!Marlena Burton

Thanks for sharing your story, Jessmond.
All the best to your success! :)
Michael Gielfeldt