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Buy Coffee Get Paid to Drink

You’re about discover the dirty little secret that 97% of network marketers are trying to hind from you..

Secret #1: Have you ever heard the one about the poor guy that couldn’t get his car in the garage because of all the bottles of juice, pills, lotions and potions he had to buy to keep his business going?

Believe it or not the above is a familiar scenario repeated thousands of times all over the country every day. Why?Because the one thing all the above products have in common is this: You have toconvince people to start taking, using or drinking them.

Now, think about this: How many people do you know that buy coffee or tea? Do they need any convincing?


Here is secret #2: there are 255 million people that do not need convincing to drink coffee and recent consumer surveys tell us that over 89.7 % of coffee drinkers will try a new brand if someone asked them to.

What if you were offering a product already used by 255 million people every day.And .. If anyone tried to stop these people from consuming this product.. thingswould get ugly.. Isn’t time you moved to the front of the line.?

Yes, that’s correct there are 255 million people out there every day that are ready, willing and waiting for someone to show them an alternative to what they are already paying big bucks for...

They are rabid consumers and BUYERS of an everyday product that they can’t do without.

Let me prove that to you. 15 years ago everyone was drinking Folgers, Maxwell House or some other grocery store brand, right? Then along comes Starbucks and all of a sudden grocery store coffee just isn’t good enough. Did you know each one of those national chains stores averages over $700,000 in sales every year!

Ok . so what does all this have to do with you?

You can grab a slice of this $9 billion dollar coffee pie in the next 15 minutes.

For more information, Goto : http://buyscoffee.com/tour/



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The coffee market is really large and it continues to grown. At the same time network marketing is growing. You are in the right places at the right times. Let's share your message with a few more folks.Bill Bateman