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Wala Why is Back with His New Hit Rise of Ra-EP Set for Launch on iTunes

The Hip-Hop and Rap star Wala Why launched his new hit Rise of Ra-EP that his fans can now catch on iTunes.

September 29, 2017: The creative vibes have entered the industry with a new era of artists who are creating a buzz in the music industry. The artist Wala Why is known for incorporating R&B, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, Rap and Afrotrap that come under the “Sun Music” style. His new hit Rise of Ra-EP has songs from the rap genre, and the audience finds the music pleasing to their ears. The cover of this album, also has an Egyptian style theme that gives a distinct look and goes well with the genre of the songs. One can now listen to the Wala Why’s new EP Rise of Ra on iTunes, and can find it in the below link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rise-of-ra-ep/id1261844478

A Distinctive Look at Rise of Ra-EP

The singer of the song is Wala Why, who is a Ghanaian born and Nevada based singer who has taken the music to newer heights with his unique art form Sun Music. The singer rose to greater heights with his two hit singles “Can’t Sleep (Remy Martin and Temptations)” and “It’s a Contract”. They were from his debut album Aten Vi3 / Vi3 released in the year of 2016. His newest album “The Birth of a Sun (2017),” conveys the inspiring messages to the masses.

Wala Why launched the latest EP Rise of Ra, that communicates the mixed feelings of the people. The first song ‘Everybody Tryna Screw U’ is related to the feeling of isolation, and tells how people are trying to harm each other. The second song, “I Rise I Grind” depicts the struggle of the modern-day people. The third song, “Hit Back” makes a great listening experience with echoing quality.

The fourth song, “Family& Humanity” is a fast beat song and Wala Why’s African accent adds a great touch to this single. The Fifth song is “Love Life Thank God” which conveys about loving one’s life and being thankful. The last song is “Roll it Up” that ends with a slower pace and has a great ending. Wala Why is popular for describing the issues in his songs, that most of the people can relate to them generally.

About Wala Why

He is a renowned Ghanaian singer, based in Las Vegas, Nevada who has given “Sun Music” style to the music industry. His newer release Rise of Ra-EP is a treat to the fan’s ears, so if one is a fan of the rap genre then they can download their copy from iTunes.

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