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Wala Why and the Rise Of Ra EP Out Now on iTunes

Wala Why is a unique musician. He creates and follows his heart. Wala Why is against where the music industry currently is. His goal is to change the industry so that it is instead focused on smaller record labels rather than huge corporate labels. His music reflects these views and makes him a very interesting musician to listen to. This view he has on the music industry and his desire to make the world a sunnier place comes through in his music and is what will drive him to advance.

Wala Why uses Egyptian style photos for his albums, which he does with this album as well. However his focus on the sun seems to be more prominent with this piece. “Everyone under the sun has untapped potential,” is a quote from Wala Why’s website. He calls his music sun music. It’s an uplifting music type that gives listeners the same warm feeling which the sun radiates. The genre is as Wala Why says an, Afro-beat, Afro-trap, and Hip-hop musical style combination. He has learned and adapted his music thanks to artists such as Migos and Johnny Cinco.

Wala Why started his musical career about 2 years ago, which is also when he re-located to Las Vegas, NV. He wants to make a difference with his music and the messages in his lyrics. He wants to see the music industry become less about big record labels and more about the small time record labels. He really is about not selling out and finding your own success. His music is a reflection of these ideas. So much of popular music is about violence and s*x. However, Wala Why creates real music with authentic lyrics and sounds.

His songs contain diverse messages beyond the narrow scope of subjects which are popularized. He writes statement pieces that vary greatly. This is something that mainstream artists don’t really venture towards. One example of these types of pieces is Wala Why’s first song from his album Rise of Ra, Everybody Tryna Screw U. This song is summarized very well by its title. Another song that can be used for comparison is the song Live Life Thank God. This song is in the same album and the title also explains the piece. The songs are about totally opposite views, which demonstrate that Wala Why is entirely real and stays true to him when it comes to making music.

Everybody Tryna Screw U and Live Life Thank God are just two of Wala Why’s many songs. These two pieces just briefly demonstrate his range of lyrical topics and moods he creates in those pieces. He is the type of artist who is not about making something which is not true to him so it can become popular. Rather he is someone who is about sharing what he loves, someone who wants what he creates to be enjoyed for what it is. He is uncensored and authentic which is something that is hard to come by. Make sure you check out Wala Why https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rise-of-ra-ep/id1261844478  and his music on iTunes today.

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