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F-Word: S*e*x is Not a Taboo (Anymore), Failure is

Talking about success is easy. Talking about failures is not!

Have you failed? Failed hard? How did it feel? Have you discussed it with anyone?

We have a new F-Word: Failure!

Remember the feeling when suddenly an intriguing idea hit you? You rush to develop it, discuss it with everybody and then implement it. Remember the taste of success and the admiration of your peers? The sparks in your eyes lit up when you sign that special deal, right?

What happens when plans go down the drain? When you are facing pressure of not being able to keep to commitments and your life crashes in front of you? You failed! Should you feel ashamed? No!

This blog is all about that. Learn from real life stories of a man who travelled a successful business road, managed to avoid all obstacles until he hit an ice-rock and sank. But unlike some people, who give up, abandon ideas, he managed to rise again. He learned from mistakes, built himself up and came back stronger. Follow his stories, the ones of success and hope and the ones of a painful carousel of depression, inner anger and blame.

You need to step up, get yourself together and dive into unclear water. Now more than ever. Admit to yourself that you failed. It is not simple talking about these feelings, about failed decisions, to people who looked at you as a superstar, as someone who rocks in every situation. But that’s life. You can’t control everything. But you can control actions that define you. Don’t let failure define your character in a negative way.

“Failure” must not be taboo! You need to embrace failure, learn from it, adjust actions, and go out again and do it. Again and again!

Read about real experiences, get advice in your time of need or just find the strength to fill your “white blank paper of life” with words of hope and belief. You went from hero to zero? Now it’s time to find your hero again!

Don’t let the fear of failure be your biggest failure!

Head to www.fail.coach where you’ll find plenty of interesting things to read!

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