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Beautiful Kanchipattu sarees from the weaver

Special occasions are always incomplete without Kanchipattu! Bringing straight from the authentic weavers of Kanchipuram district, http://kanjivaramsilks.com/ is aid you rejoice the true flavors of Kanchipuram silk sarees!

Kanchipuram silk sarees have their familiarity widespread across the world mainly for the grandeur look it delivers. Each of these sarees carry thick borders in attractive golden silk threads woven using natural methods. These borders carry designs such as temple, checked pattern, stripes, floral motifs, to name a few. They come in distinguished colors and are available in various price ranges.

One had to travel all the way to Kanchipuram for grabbing a nice piece of Kanchipuram pattu saree. The scenario slowly changed with retailers started procuring these products and started selling them in stores across the country. This furthermore absorbed attention of more number of people with the export of sarees to overseas countries.

Kanjivaram Silks - Making strides with Kanchipattu

Setting apart such trends in the sale of Kanchipuram silk sarees in the history, here is http://kanjivaramsilks.com/ making strides to create a one stop shop for the purchase of Kanchipuram silk sarees. Kanjivaram silks is an online portal dedicated selling variety of kanchipuram silk sarees. Below are some of the varieties offered here:

  • Designer kanchipuram silk sarees
  • Tussarkanchipuram silk sarees
  • Samudrikapattu sarees
  • Wedding silk sarees

Apart from these kanchipuram sarees that are brought from the traditional weavers of the district, the portal also sells designer sarees of various kinds. The portal is easy to use and serves to be the perfect destination for the pretty ladies looking for designs to make them look prettier.

Variety of vibrant sarees are posted with pricing and description. If there are two or more sarees appealing your eyes, you may choose to compare them by clicking on “Add to Compare”. Just like any online portal, Kanjivaram Silks also has a cart where one can add their favorite product, make payment and get it delivered at their doorsteps.

All the shipping requested within India are made at no cost at all! Each of the saree sold here is “Pure Silk Certified”.

Get it at the Weaver’s Rate!

Above all is the price at which these sarees are sold! These traditional kanchipuram sarees are sold at the weaver’s rate. There is no extra or hidden cost involved in the price. The website brings these vivacious designs direct from the hands of weavers, ensuring you the best price in the market. In this way, the portal serves as an ideal platform for kanchipuram silk saree purchase. Buying kanchipuram saree from a physical store or other portals will impose extra cost on your purchase due to a number of middlemen in between the weaver and the end buyer.

The website is also interesting with informative videos and blogs thereby enhancing the overall experience of the customer. There are videos featuring how these Kanchipuram silk sarees are woven. With all these adorning done to the site, the portal is ideal for buying Kanchipuram silk sarees online!

Contact info:

Business name: Kanjivaram silks

Business address: 203 gauri salai, Indranagar


Contact number: +919677063537

Website: http://kanjivaramsilks.com

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