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I n the last chapter we discussed reasons behind MLM failures
and hence we highlighted a few factors that are essential to consider.
Apart from that what MLM companies can do to get maximum benefits
out of their multilevel marketing campaign. Are there any MLM secrets
to success? How can we stand out of a thou-sand of competitors
already in the market? How can we offer something extra? Here are a few MLM secrets to success:
• SUPPORT, support and more support:
You need to stay at the back of your team. Never leave your
MLM team to survive on its own. Keep them updated and
educate them about the product, the company and the current
market trends and technologies. Remember the survival and
success of your team assures the survival of your company.
Good companies always offer a little bit extra to win the trust and
loyalty of their employees. Always try to develop relationships with
MLM Success Guide 49
your team. Identify their problems and help them sort them out.
Also a few extra bonuses offered to them for example at the time
of Christmas or may be sending them on training to improve
their marketing skills on company’s expenses are the strategies
that can foster willingness and loyalty in your team.
Offering free promotional tools will help you generate more sales.
The perks you offer can bring you prospects for example offering
freebies which may include free products or services is a remarkable
tactic especially if you are offering health products or cosmetic products. You get freebies, which include free products and services.
Multilevel marketing is all about team work and relationship
building. It is also beneficial if a company use techniques that
foster and team work among the network of its distributors. You
can do this by arranging seminars at regular intervals, engaging
team members through online chat rooms and other social
networks where people can meet up and learn from each other.
All the MLM marketers should learn the secret of developing
proper attitude while they conduct their business especially when
you are in online MLM business. As you are not in face to face
direct contact with your customer, your attitude should be such to
attract your prospect. Respect your prospects and be honest,
sincere and polite at all times. Communicate with your prospective
buyers in a respectful manner. A good thing to know is, people
follow you, once they like you and they will buy from you.
• • •
MLM is not a miracle. Most online marketers quit after a few
weeks or months. Remember that persistency is a key to
success. This is the real secret behind the success of peoples
who has made huge sums of money through MLM.
Hence by incorporating these secrets you can offer
something extra to your people and your customers and hence
reap the profits in the long run.

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