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Article Marketing

How many different email marketing lists do you belong to? If your mailbox is
anything like mine, then you probably have subscribed yourself to quite a few
during your browsing sessions online.
Whether the emails that you get are from other businesses that may be able to
provide you with goods or services that you simply cannot get anywhere else
for the price, for musicians who you like to keep an eye on in hopes that they
will visit your city sometime soon or from bloggers who have great articles in
your eyes – your email box is probably filled to the brim with notifications that
you subscribed to at some point or another.
Now that you are considering moving into the realm of the online business, it is
high time that you learn to take advantage of the power of an email list and
notification program. Potential clients and random visitors alike love
notification lists, as it keeps them up to date on what you’ve got going on
without them having to visit your website every moment of every day. People
like things to be easy – and that is exactly what an email list is giving them –
easy access to information on your website when they want it.
At this point in your career as a blossoming webmaster, you probably do not
know too much about the whole web design thing. However, even with your
potential lack of experience, you have probably realized that it takes a well
designed website with some killer content to draw people in and make them
stick around.
While terms like article marketing and SEO may elude you, it does not take a
rocket scientist to realize that you have got to have good, enjoyable,
enlightening information on your website to make your guests want to stick
around – and one of the best ways to do so is to be involved in an article
marketing program.

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Press Release comments:

What I see here is more about marketing articles than article marketing. The quality of the emails you send has to give a reason for a person to click through to your website blog. So in this sense the email is marketing your article. Dennis Thorgesen

Thanks for sharing Howard. Article marketing has to do with creating content, and therefore providing relevant info to answer questions or issues that a particular audience has. iT reminds me of the topic of the PR that I have published and that center around the necessity of writing content similar to the one you wrote on article marketing, and which help and empowers readers with useful information. Content (preferably targeted) is king. Much success to you. Val Mbayen