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Gail Fields

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Free Resources for Your Business

Are you like me? Or at least how I used to be; Shying away from services that charge a fee simply because it wasn’t in the budget at the time?

Once I started to take my online business more seriously, I took the time to look deeper and found that many of these services are offered for free for a limited time, or for limited use. Some are even free for the complete (full blown version) unless you would like to donate to an Open Source firm for their research and development time.

A couple of examples of these free resources are Consulting.com, a Sam Ovens company, and War Map Calendar by Geared Digital Marketing. I am not promoting these for profit by the way, you can just do an online search for them.

I even use subscription-based software on a monthly basis to stay within my budget. Some examples of these are Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Kindle, Audible, and so on.

I changed my mindset to believe that if something is going to help me, help others, and generate a profit, it is worth trying. So free or not, (of course I prefer free!) I go for it if the numbers work. The law of averages should dictate whether or not you spend money to grow your business, so I take the time to figure it out. In the long run, it could mean the difference between the success and failure of your business.

And let me stress that failure is not always a bad thing. Failure teaches you what doesn’t work, so you can move on to what potentially does work.

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