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John Kespert

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    I'm, John Kespert, and like other independent business owners, I like to make use of effective yet affordable forms of advertising of whatever I'm selling. For quite a number of years I did direct selling to customers, I ventured around town in my wheelchair and left catalogs on doorsteps. People would browse the catalogs at their leisure phone me whenever they saw something they wanted to order. As soon as their orders came in I'd go out and deliver it to them.

   Now I do all my selling online. One of my favorite places to advertise is Leads Leap, which can be used by both free members who view ads for credits, or pro members like myself who can continually run 10 ads at a time for a modest monthly cost.

   Leads Leap also provides some superb marketing tools, including link tracking, a page and funnel builder, email marketing, a pop up builder and cookie generator.

   Whenever people view their ads they earn credits based on how much time the ads are open, up to one minute. They also can earn some money if they view at least 10 ads per day. 

    Speaking of earning money, free members can earn 25% recurring commission, and pro members can earn 50% commissions.

    If you're not using the marketing tools at Leads Leap, why not pay them a visit and discover how amazingly good they are right now.

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