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George Pierce

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Slooow Affiliate Marketing

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Video comments:

Great video presentation; thanks George for your informative share on your Affiliate Marketing training ~ blessings and massive success in all your endeavors!Velma Joseph

To the Point, good one again George, what more to say then..to the folks out there... Check this out!! Bluebird brings it out!! RespectSig Skeie

Good informative and useful video. Thank You for Posting George Pierce.Paruchuri Sridhar

In my content I am pretty much an overview writer. If I teach everyone to do what I do, I have worked myself out of a business. Those who have used my content generally come to me for advice outside the content. Now I am going to take your advice and get close to the money. Dennis Thorgesen

You hit on a problem in the industry. Most give you a review of what you need to know but not on the nuts and bolts you need to actually do something. Either they don't know themselves and just using copy and paste or they want to sell that to you for an outrageous price. The sad thing about it, you pay and still come up empty most of the time. Your first overview gave the big picture of the end know how and now it is known that you are not wasting time. Now, comes the details. I intend to follow those. Thanks George. Will shareMicky Gramlin

Point well stated George! One must be willing to learn the necessary steps the correct way to increase their odds of success!!Spencer Taylor Jr

They say the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, good advice George.Warren Contreras

George: Well-done Thanks for sharing your expertise. Create a wonderful day moment to moment all ways always. Dorothy Neddermeyer