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George Pierce

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Video comments:

No matter what you do in your business it is important to remember you are giving. In business you are solution based, which means you are giving your customers a solution to a situation in which they find themselves. It goes further because before people become customers they have to feel you are giving them more than a solution to their situation. Dennis Thorgesen

Greatness George Pierce good infomational video! Keep Em Coming! :DQUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Yeah George, I'd rather have 15 subscribers who are interested,than 1000 inorganic subscribers. Remind you of something? Carries over from content marketing in general, like your blog. Organic traffic is real traffic. Really have to abide your wisdom on this subject....good thoughts much appreciate it. Thank you!Francis Cassady

You and your channel are the real education here George. Professional presentation, sound guidance - you can't beat that.Tom Riach

Educational and as always interesting. I also like your background screen, music. Very well presented! Good to see you George!Micky Gramlin