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Free Traffic ~ Affiliate Marketing Video #8

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Video comments:

All I can say about this is every company I have helped, if they listened are seeing more traffic today because of their social media presence. A side note here. I have personally found that unused social media hurts. Take time to make a long term plan, one that can be easily changed, and stick with the social media you join. If you are not posting daily, determine when the most traffic is on the social media site and post at least once a week. This would be preferably on the same day, and at the same time.Dennis Thorgesen

George thanks for sharing this video, continued success.Pauline Burke

Thank you George, this is great content and for free. I know that anyone who follows this training and studies it, you will learn how to be an Affiliate marketer. As you said...You have to give to receive. Congratulations for again earning IBO Featured Member! Sending to Twitter.Robin Robinson