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Be Like Stan

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Video comments:

Great info! Thanks for the great article!Ariel Marie

Looks great George. Videos do the business.Jim Redland

Great Video and Congrats to Stan on the keep the weight off! Looks like a great way to lose and maintenance!Starr Lucas

Who doesn't want to be like a winner; who doesn't want to hang out at the beach? Two great reminders and incentives - thanks for sharing George.Coach Kim

Nice video Stan, very short but got the message.hopeton wilson

Thanks to your share I went and created an account! Good looking out George!!Spencer Taylor Jr

Had to share this, coz video is cool..and the Tool is something many should check out! GO IBO!Sig Skeie

I like the video you did George and this is a great video marketing tool you shared. I will be using it too. Checking it out now. Liked and tweeted. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart/Twitter StrategistTerri Pattio

Stan is the man! Way to go George you got the message across greatly.Wanda K Robinson