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7 Secrets To Cultivate Grit ~My Weekly Giveaway 11-7-2020




7 Secrets To Cultivate Grit


~My Weekly Giveaway 11-7-2020

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Hi,  I am George Pierce.

 This week's giveaway is


7 Secrets To Cultivate Grit

If you want success online if you want success in anything.
you will need GRIT.

GRIT is that inner strength, that inner spirit, that determined mindset
that help us to persevere whether things are going good or bad.

Today's Give-Away!

secrets to cultivate grit



7 Secrets To

Cultivate Grit


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golf 1

 Great Golf Jokes

Darren is an avid golfer and has a few hours to spare one afternoon. If he hurries he figures that he can get in nine holes before he has to head home. As Darren is about to tee off, an old gentleman asks if he can join him. Darren was sure the old guy would slow the game but he found himself saying, “Of course.”

Darren learns that the old gent's name is Harry and Harry plays quickly. The game moves along nicely until the ninth hole.

Darren's ball has a large pine tree between it and the green. Darren takes several minutes searching for a way to make a good shot.

Harry finally said, “You know, Darren, when I was your age, I would just hit the ball right over that tree.”

If Harry could hit the ball over the tree, so could he, reasoned Darren. Darren swings hard and the ball goes high and up through the branches. Darren begins to smile and then his smile turns to a frown as his ball rattles around and soon lands just a few feet away.

“Of course,” adds Harry, “when I was your age, this tree was barely two feet tall.”

golf 2

Marsha teed off and watched in horror.

Her ball was slicing directly toward a foursome of men on the next hole. Moments later, her ball hit one of the men. The man immediately went down, clasping his hands into his groin.
Marsha rushed to the injured man. “Please allow me to help. I am a licensed physical therapist ” she told him.

“No," said the man. I’ll be fine in a few minutes." still clasping his hands together at his groin.

Marsha felt so bad, she implored that the man let her help him. He finally agreed.

Marsha carefully moved his hands away from his crotch, loosened his pants and put her hands inside. She proceeded to massage to his private area for several moments.
“How does that feel”? asked Martha.

“That feels great, but it's my thumb that hurts!”

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Congratulations George for being an IBO member of the day today 11/10/2020.
Funny I just found out about grove funnel and joined it as well. Now I see you have it. See you at the top.
Wanda K Robinsoin

I have enjoyed your giveaways and jokes for years. It takes grit to start and maintain an online business. You have proven you have it, and have been proving it for years. Congratulations for your spot as featured member today. Dennis Thorgesen

It's always a pleasure George to see that you are recognised as Featured Member, so congratulations on your latest award and I wish you a fun and exciting day. More so than even your Featured Member recognition, I enjoy your articles and YouTube channel tutorials. They are all first rate, packed with value and generously loaded with sage guidance and humour too.Tom Riach

You can use this in nearly any niche as an incentive or bonus.George Pierce