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7 IM Dream Bonuses For Free and For Life! (ends 10-18-20) ~My Weekly Giveaway 10-10-2020



7 IM Dream Bonuses For Free and For Life! (ends 10-18-20)


~My Weekly Giveaway 10-10-2020

My Weekly Give-Away is brought to you by

The Internet Marketer Training Center

 Welcome to:

My Weekly Give-Away!

Each week, I give away an Internet Marketing gift.  No email is required.  Enjoy.

yes you can

Hi, I am George Pierce.

This week's giveaway is about 7 Free Lifetime Bonuses that you can get right now for life and for free until the 18th.

This week's giveaway is different and the best yet, read on and you will see why.

I just got an email about my version of Chatmatic, this morning (10-9), which is one of the bonuses. All seven are highlighted below.

These seven awesome bonuses are part of GrooveFunnels' Grand Opening. The Grand Opening ends on Oct. 18. and so do the bonuses.

There is nothing to buy, no credit card is needed.

The bonuses are incredible, you are going to love them, and, as mentioned, they are free for life.

Do not miss out.

  Today's Give-Away!


7 IM Dream Bonuses For Free For Life!  (Act NOW, this ends 10-18-20)

groove bonuses
Included in this free giveaway are

Chatmatic, as mentioned above.

This is a snippet of what this bonus includes.

For leads, buyers, subscribers, and more, Chatmatic is what you want.
It is 14 times more effective than email!


Build an app with ease, with NO CODE, and for free and it is free for life.


We often overlook the 'legal' side of things, and we shouldn't. FTC Guardian makes it quick and easy to protect our sites.

GrooveKarts is literally too good to be true and it is also free for life.

review trust

Now you can get third party validation and it is simple and...that is right free and free for life.


An Online Store dream! The Groove founder version comes with an online store that is comparable to Shopify. You can still get in on the lifetime founder version until the 18th, then it is gone forever.


YouTubers need a background remover and YouTubers need compelling thumbnails. Internet Marketers need to be more and more visual.

In addition, these bonuses also come with GroovePages.

groove pages

When opportunity knocks, OPEN THE DOOR!

Enjoy this outstanding Give-Away for life.

grab bonuses button

light bulb humor

 Light Bulb Jokes

Since this week's give away may cause some aha moments for many, (aha I need that), a few light bulb jokes seemed appropriate.

Rather than your average light bulb jokes, since this give away is so above average, I decided to poll different groups to see what their answers would be as to how many of them that it will take to screw in a light bulb.

I started with a group of Psychiatrists. Well they thought and pondered and discussed the question, "How many psychiatrist does it take to screw in a light bulb?" Finally, and it seemed like forever, finally, they concluded that it took one psychiatrist to screw in a light bulb...as long as it really needed to be changed.

In order to keep these light bulb jokes different, I called on the local Mafia. I asked them, "How many Mafia employees does it take to screw in a light bulb?" I must say that unlike the psychiatrists that took hours, the Mafia answer was almost instant.

"None of your business, that's how many."

Next I decided to ask a bunch of teens, "How many teenagers does it take to screw in a light bulb?" I got their attention and began my question. "How many teenagers does it take to screw..." Well, that's as far as I got. I believe that those teens are still laughing, snickering,and giggling. I guess we will never know.

Just one more....

Since this is an election year, I decided to ask a group of politicians, "How many politicians does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

I am sorry to report that the question is still under consideration.

I do know the number is going to be considerable. So far I have been informed that it is going to take a committee just to determine how many committees will be needed.


The reason for all these committees, I discovered, is that there are so many decisions that are going to be involved.

Decisions such as what kind of bulb, they will need a committee for that, as well as committees for deciding what the wattage should be, what brand of bulb, where to purchase the bulb, how much money should be spent,which department should pay, and so on.

I was also informed to not forget that they are also going to need committees to decide about a ladder, employees, safety, and legal and so on.

So, so many decisions, thus so so many committees.

Although the answer to "How many politicians does it take to screw in a light bulb?"  is not yet clear, it looks like it is going to require hundreds, perhaps more.

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Thank you for reading, my friends.
Much Success,
George Pierce
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Press Release comments:

The question I ask of anything is how well does it work. Don't ask a light bulb or a politician though because you either won't get an answer (light bulb) or it will take 10 forever's (eight year old's way of explaining it is taking too long) to get an answer (politicians). As for groove products I personally do not know how good they are. I do have a few dozen friends who are part of it. Dennis Thorgesen