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Twitter Traffic Secrets ~My Weekly Giveaway 9-5-2020

Twitter Traffic Secrets ~My Weekly Giveaway 9-5-2020

Twitter Traffic Secrets


~My Weekly Giveaway 9-5-2020


My Weekly Give Away is brought to you by

The Internet Marketer Training Channel

 Welcome to:

My Weekly Give Away!

Each week, I give away an Internet Marketing gift.  No email is required.  Enjoy.

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Hi,  I am George Pierce.

This week's give away is a video training series about Twitter.  It is called Twitter Traffic Secrets and it tells you exactly what you need to do (and not do) in order to
drive serious traffic and quality traffic to your website, YouTube channel, blog, etc.

You can download the whole package below by way of the download button.  On the other hand, if you only want the training for your personal benefit, you can access the training only.

The training is so good, I do not want you to miss out.  In order to make it more convenient, I have created an easy access video that you can watch.  The video, of course, includes the seven videos in the download all in one easy to watch the video.  The content is outstanding, enjoy.


  Today's Give-Away!

ecover Twitter Traffic Secrets


Twitter Traffic Secrets


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Let's you use two AI tools to increase your open rate by 34%!

Happy Happy Birthday!

Bill and Rachel are the proud parents of two fine boys.  Bobby is 10 and in the fourth grade and Tommy is 12 and in the sixth grade.  For each of the boy's birthdays, Rachel bakes home-made from scratch cupcakes, possibly the most delicious could ever imagine.  She usually bakes five dozen, which is a lot of cupcakes, but a tradition was started with Tommy back in the first grade whereby Rachel makes enough for the whole class. 

Tomorrow is Bobby's birthday, and the whole house is smelling like yummy cupcakes.  There is just one problem, Bobby's arm is in a cast.  He is going to need help bringing the cupcakes to class. 

So Bill asked Tommy to help carry the cupcakes to class.  Tommy replied that he could but he would rather not. 

Bill did not get angry, in fact, he saw this as an opportunity, a teaching moment.

Bill responded with a common Christian phrase...WWJD... this stands for Walk With Jesus Daily or What Would Jesus Do...so Bill asked his son, "What Would Jesus Do?"

Tommy answered,   "Jesus would heal his arm so he would be able to carry the cupcakes himself."

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Thank you for reading, my friends. 
Much Success,
George Pierce
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