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Happiness ~ Yale Course ~My Weekly Giveaway 6-27-2020


Happiness ~ Yale Course


~My Weekly Giveaway 6-27-2020

This week's give away is happiness and it is free!





My                        Weekly Give Away is brought to you by               

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                     Welcome to:

My Weekly Give Away!

               Each week, I give away an Internet Marketing                  gift.  No email is required.  Enjoy.
This week's gift is something that everyone can use.

yes you can

Hi, I am George Pierce.

Yes, I am giving away HAPPINESS!!!

This week's give away is a free course on happiness. This course is Yale's most popular course ever (in over 300 years), and you can access it for free.


The                                course is a 10 week course, about two hours per                                week.
Total                                time of the course is about 18 hours.

You                                can go at your own pace.  

The                                course is comprised of mostly video and some                                reading.

The                                following is snapshot of what you can expect.

happiness course

The                                  course is laid back, comfortable, informative,                                  
enjoyable,                                  and


can literally                                    change your life.


Everyone                                loves the course, you will too!


Today's Give Away!




                           get happy now


Happy Trails!

                               Jack                                  is an older more experienced truck driver who                                  had been all over the country in his career.

One                                  day, Jack had to ride with (and train) a new,                                  younger, inexperienced driver named Al.

Jack                                  let Al drive for awhile. Al drove the big rig                                  for about four hours before they stopped for                                  lunch.   Al did fine, but in those four                                  hours Al had become tired and                                  irritable.  

After                                  lunch, Jack took over and drove 8 hours, with                                  only a brief stop for a quick supper.                                     Although Jack had driven for 8                                  hours he was not tired, in fact, he was fresh,                                  awake, and happy.

Al                                  asked Jack how he could drive for hours and                                  not get tired and be so happy.

Jack                                  answered with a question, "What do you do in                                  the morning just before you leave your house?"

Al                                  said, "I kiss my wife good-bye and tell her I                                  am going to work."

Jack                                  responded, "There is your problem."

Of                                  course, Al asked, "What problem?"

Jack                                  explained, "When I leave in the morning, I                                  kiss my wife good-bye, but I do not say that I                                  am going to work, I tell her that I am going                                  for a drive in the country."

Attitude                                  has a lot to do with happiness.                                




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Thank you for reading, my                                            friends.  
Much Success,,
George Pierce
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Free Happiness Course by Yale University  https://cutt.ly/get-happy

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