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~My Weekly Giveaway 9-26-2020


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Hi,  I am George Pierce.

This week's giveaway is an audio giveaway.

If you are starting from scratch this is perfect.  If you are experienced, this will help you to boost your income.  You might just double your profits!

No Kidding, the content is superb.

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Rob and His Sunday School Lesson

On this particular Sunday, Rob was using squirrels as an object lesson on the importance of preparation and being industrious.

He began, "I'm going to describe something, and when you know wat it is, I want you to raise your hand."

The children nodded rather sleepily.

Rob could see that this lesson was not getting off to a good start.

"The thing that I am talking about lives in trees and eats nuts."

Hmmm.  No hands went up.

"What I am talking about is gray and has a long bushy tail ."

Rob anticipated hands to be shooting up, but the children sat looking at each other and no hands were raised.

So Rob continued, "This thing that I am talking about jumps from branch to branch."

Still no hands were raised.

Rob pressed on,  "and it chatters and flips its tail when it gets excited."

Fortunately, Larry, one of the little boys cautiously raised his hand.

"Thank goodness" thought Rob, as he called on him.

"Well...," said Larry slowly, "I am sure that the answer must be Jesus... but it really sounds like a squirrel to me!"

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George Pierce
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