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Copy Is King ~My Weekly Giveaway


Copy Is King

~My Weekly Giveaway 8-29-2020


My Weekly Give Away is brought to you by

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 Welcome to:

My Weekly Give Away!

Each week, I give away an Internet Marketing gift.  No email is required.  Enjoy.

yes you can   
Hi,  I am George Pierce.

This week's give away is an eBook with resells rights. 
The eBook is 'copy  Is King'.

Two things that may be of interest are that free quality information about copywriting is scarce, and you will discover an article section in the giveaway.

These articles are the different chapters of the eBook, already broken down for you.  These articles are a perfect giveaway or incentive for a training course.
I am partial to offering training courses, because prospects are more likely to opt in and email training courses get opened, a habit that you and I want to create with our subscribers.

  Today's Give Away!

ecover Copy Is King


Copy Is King


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Resell Rights

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Resell Rights!

Resell Rights allow you to use this eBook for your
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In addition, you can use the eBook as a
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Going to the DOGS!??

Jack and Bill and Zeb, are 8 year old boys  that just watched a fire truck go by and each of the boys noticed the Dalmatian dog.  Within moments the boys become involved

in a discussion about what the Dalmatian did...what was his job?

Jack was pretty sure that his job was to keep people from getting too close to the fire, and to keep people out of the way, so the fire firefighters could do their job.

Bill disagreed.  He said the dog's job was to be the mascot.

Zeb had another opinion.  He said that the Dalmatian's job was to find the fire hydrants.

Who Has The BEST Dog?

Nate and Jay are neighbors and both are proud dog owners.  Somehow the subject of dogs came up.

Nate could not help but brag on his dog, Reggie.

"When I get up in the morning," begins Nate, "By the time I am done with my shower,  Reggie has run out, gotten the newspaper, dropped it in my easy chair, along with making me a fresh cup of coffee and a couple of slices of buttered toast."

Nate grinned and enjoyed a moment of silence, before Jay began to talk about his dog, Bruno. 

Jay simply replied, "I know."  

"How do you know?"  asked Nate.

"Bruno told me."

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What Is NOT Happening Is What Matter!??

They say it is not so much a question as to what happens, it is a question on how we react and how we handle it.

I believe that for newbies it is a question of what does NOT happen and how we handle it. 

Speaking for myself, and I am quite sure it is true for most newbies, not much happened at first.  When little to nothing happens, how do most newbies react? 

They lose faith!

They lose faith in their dream and they lose faith in seeing themselves accomplish that dream. 


The only solution is education, training, and experience.  Unfortunately, there is a learning curve and learning takes time.  On the other hand, if you want to grow your online business, learning is still your best option. 

As a newbie as well as an experienced IM, you should always be 'going back to the drawing board' to test, tweak, and improve your results.

'Going back to the books' should also part of the process so make it a habit and do not break that habit.  As a newbie, learning is your best shortcut to success.

Learning does not stop!

Ahhh, but once you gain experience and expertise, the learning process is over...right?  NO! 

There are always new and better tools and new and better ways to get things done, changes that we need to keep up with.  That is true of any business.


If you like to learn or love to learn, then Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. may be for you.  And if your results are lagging or dragging, do not lose faith, simply keep on learning. 

Results do happen and will happen.  So while you are waiting, while you are learning, remember that you are gaining valuable knowledge and experience. 

Even though your 'results' may not seem to indicate that much is happening, you are building your inner IM value and inner IM worth, so more is happening than you realize.

Thank you for reading, my friends. 
Much Success,
George Pierce
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