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Highlight Your Business Brand in 4 Steps Easy

Highlight Your Business Brand in 4 Steps Easy
How many e-mail messages do you send everyday? You’re probable missing out on a simple, inexpensive marketing tool. Seize the opportunity to promote your business to a highly targeted market without spending a dime by utilizing your e-mail signature line.

If your email signature line only contains your name and contact information, you’re missing out on advertising to e-mail recipients that have opted for communications from you.

These people are key members of your unofficial marketing network. They are your prospects, clients, press contacts and colleagues and your signature line is the perfect, unobtrusive space for a unique promotional pitch.

Try these tactics to turn your “sign-offs” into sales:

** Highlight what your company offers.
** Offer an incentive for recipients taken a specified action.
** Use the associated web address for the incentive, if it’s also on your site.
** Give better visual positioning to the promotion rather than contact info.
** Play with eye-catching fonts and colors.
** Use less than 64 characters/line so that words don’t wrap to a new line.
** Write a “signature” for different categories of recipients.
** Change your signature copy frequently.
** Never miss a chance to get your product or company noticed.

Another thing that many entrepreneurs don’t think about is the letters they send out. They are merely accepted as solving a problem or answering a need, when you can carry the e-mail idea over into every piece of mail you generate.

On the company letterhead simply add a line at the bottom of page 1. It could be a “tag line” of sorts made up of a slogan that “brands” your services or business. Try to come up with something unique so that every time it’s heard the prospect thinks of you.

I suggest that every entrepreneur read about the life of P.T. Barnum to get a better understanding of a truly great entrepreneur. It isn’t always the almighty dollar that gets the best advertising for our business; it’s the best IDEA that makes you stand out in the crowd.

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Remember the good old days when if you were searching for something on Google you would type, “I have a disease in my hands and feet” for example.

And you would find what you were looking for easily. Back in the 2000’s the Internet was a personal encyclopedia that had the answers to everything. Need to look up a recipe? Easy. Need to know why your printer won’t print in color? Here you go.

But those were the good old days.

Today looking for a recipe is an onslaught of thousands of recipes that all get the keywords that you typed somehow that leads to lost time sifting through them all until you find the one you want. And then you have pop-up windows advertising cooking stores all over the place every time you search for something.

Trying to find the best way for a trip? Prepare to search through four websites that claim to all have all the best hotel offers but somehow you still find different fares on each of them.

And good luck sifting through your search results for help with your printer. Every advice page with the word printer and color stands in your way. As the Growler’s would tell you the Internet is enormous. There’s more information online than you can imagine. And the possibilities of what you could do with it are boundless. Luckily for you though we already figured it out though, and the systems are making people fortunes - go on bottom:

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Do you know One of the Best SECRETS to build a successful business? 

Write down this secret asap: "Create Connections with People ".  ....apply the secret to your business :-)

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** Build giant mailing lists of subscribers that follow you ( in some lists I have 21,000+ subscribers ).
Mailing lists are a very important factor to create excellent connections with your customers - it means THE LIFE of your business.
Remember: your success depends by connections with people.


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