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Marketing Piece Is Secondary

Copywriting is an essential part of internet marketing, as is content marketing.

Copywriting and content marketing,a predominant part of which is blogging, but they aren’t the same.
But they’re often used in the same context.

Content marketing is used for articles,videos,audios,blogs, product reports,reviews, press releases,white papers and eBooks.

Generally,content marketing is used to help and enhance your customer's knowledge of your niche's products and services.

Content marketing is use to elicit influence, elevate your name and establish brand.
The marketing piece is secondary to the value-add piece.

Copywriting,on the other hand,is written to an enquirer of your products or services, with the intent,to get them to take immediate action.

Copywriting is to get leads,social media followers, conversions and of course all-important sales.
Copywriting is really all about persuasion and also a bit of push.

Obviously, the objective of any business is to get clients to take action.

Copywriting is used for squeeze pages, landing pages,email campaigns, sales pages, thank-you pages and webinars.

Also,copywritng is used for offline adverts in newspapers,direct mail, TV,radio,and magazines.

So if you're a content marketer the predominate focus is:
valuable content that compels
content focused on engagement,relevant information,entertainment and training
oriented to human beings not search engines
content that builds relationships,lite on the marketing

However, experienced content marketers are able to combine the two to their advantage,to get signups,leads,and conversions.

They'll integrate the copywriting techniques into their articles.
But the focus for content marketing is still about helping customers and building brand.

When you incorporate SEO in your article, you are really doing a hybrid style of content marketing and copywriting.

Primary concerns of content writing,is orienting your blog to your prime concern.

As experience grows, so does your ability to use the SEO tool for that integration without disrupting the flow or purpose.

Get that integration down pat, and you will become a much more efficient content marketer.

Copy Writing
But good copy writing can be a more challenging piece, because you must establish skill before you can persuade.
Content marketing is always more technically oriented,especially with SEO added.

The persuasion piece of the marketing effort is left to the deft hands of the copywriter.

That's why copy is often neglected because of the extra expense, or skill involved a compelling presentation.
Copy writing is a critical piece in the IMer's or SBO's sales funnel.

Experienced copywriters know their value because their words will have an important beneficial effect on your conversion rates.

Some marketers begin constructing their own copy.
Obviously, a good content writer can learn to write copy.

Most single operation web owners will learn this piece, and write their own copy until they can afford a professional copywriter.

One good thing about the pervasive internet, is that you can get fairly decent copy writers fairly inexpensively.

Amateur copy is usually discovered by a lack of succinctness.
Phrases can always be made more relevant to your avatar.

As a small business owner,webmaster,or content manager,you always want to improve,and you improve by doing.

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. John Wooden

Here's a copy of "Getting Started as a Freelance Writer" I promised you in the Intro.

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