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Spencer Taylor Jr

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Without Marketing Your Product Doesn`t Matter!

Once again, without marketing your product doesn`t matter! Why one may ask? The answer is simple, products change people don`t. I see many marketers trying to convince the world that they have the best products in the market place. That may be true but you must keep one thing in mind! Do you know?

If consumers do not view those products as a value to them you will not convince them or make a sale. Who is truly your target market? Keep believing everyone is and you are definitely doomed to fail in this industry. A majority of marketers refuse to build their own website relying on replicated sites instead.

Do you believe just because your name may appear on those sites that it may help you brand yourself? What if you wanted to add your own blog to that site could you? This is why you should be building your own site and there are no excuses with so many site builders to start with. 

I want to touch back on a question I posed earlier, do you truly know who your target market is? Think about the way you`re marketing and ask yourself, are the top money earners raving about the method i`m using? This has nothing to do with your budget let`s just get that myth out of the way. 

Yes, I definitely know who my target market is! My target market is those who are independent & small business owners because I provide an online marketing system that`s now powered by Artificial Intelligence! I present the information and let them decide the value period! 

Those in business to make money need their own website, email & autoresponder, blog with fresh content daily, CRM to manage their leads & contacts and last but not least advertising! I`m not talking about credit advertising or traffic exchanges but real advertising. 

Facebook, Google, CNN, Forbes, AOL, USA Today, YouTube just to name a few! I do know that a brand new marketer can have a professional presence online within 5 mins with the system I promote, market & advertise online! Why so confident? See how the AI created my social posts, blog & newsletter below.

A new person will fill out their info including their industry & subcategory and the AI will instantly build their website, create their online ad, create a social post, create a blog on their site and create and send their newsletter out! That`s why i`m so confident! No hype or spin just pure facts. 

As I stated before, present the information and let the potential client decide what the value is. They see a value great, they will have direct access to me! They don`t see a value great, I will thank them for their time and keep it moving! I`m in business to make as much money as I can not to nickel and dime income!

Keep using outdated and bad information, keep following and doing what the majority of marketers are doing and business life will be much harder causing one to chase those shiny objects floating around the internet! Sometimes we need to be told what we need to hear not what we want to hear! 

I hope that you got some value from my article and thank you for stopping by!

Spencer Taylor Jr.

USMC Veteran/Entrepreneur

Press Release comments:

Bingo!! Spencer, you product or service is not for everybody, you must be able to identify who your target audience is and then place your product or service in front of them. Great post!Rob Mccray

Excellent PR Spencer! I agree on the websites. You should have your own. If you are not getting the results that you want, then nothing will change until one opens their mind to new possibilities!Micky Gramlin

Awesome Press Release Spencer Taylor Jr. Your website is really nice. And the state of the art video...I thought it was Morpheus from the Matrix Lol! This is the real deal...Happy Holidays! :DQUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Very good, Spencer. Always. Brenetta Jackson