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Why One Should Consider Using Sought Out Articles & Videos For Lead Generation

The importance of building one`s list is more evident in today`s online space with an increase of landing pages being used. Most of these landing pages use worlds like "Free Video Reveals" and "Discover The Secret To _______" are being seen too much in the online space based on my experience! 

Once again, if all these different landing pages continue to use the same verbiage how does one separate themselves from those also using landing pages with the same message? The same applies to replicated websites yet a majority of marketers continue to use them. 

Did you know that there are popular articles and videos that are sought out by marketers because of the valuable information they have that can make a difference in one`s business when they truly apply the information? Not only do I use them which has benefited me I also get to add them to my website`s blog! 

This is a win win situation that allows me to keep fresh relevant content updated daily and it gives the authors more visibility in the online space! I don`t have to create fresh content hoping people want to read they are already sought out by those in the online space! 

These sought out articles are recommended by the Artificial Intelligence I have enabled on my websites meaning I get to post these articles & videos on social media, add them to my website`s blog section and email to my followers as a newsletter all done by AI! 

No one is successful using typical marketing strategies just look at the most successful online marketers and ask yourself are they using all these typical strategies that others are using? Whether you want to admit it or not the answer is obvious! Only you can decide to make a change in your strategies. 

We need to hear what we need to hear not what we want to hear from time to time to keep us grounded! If you`re traveling in the wrong direction ie: using typical, bad or outdated strategies you`ll end up at the wrong location! That also cannot be disputed.

Whether you believe or don`t Artificial Intelligence will make a positive impact in the online marketing space especially when it`s machine learning allowing it to choose the best social posts, online ads, build the best website and create the best newsletter to send to your followers! 

Starting out using free methods is great for a beginner but if you`ve been in the online space for sometime now that will not cut it! You must invest monies in your business there is no way around it. Are there some great free resources absolutely!! I cannot not deny that fact but I don`t just rely on them either! 

If you haven`t learned to correct way to do market research I suggest you do it will help you identify typical, bad and outdated strategies saving you time and money on those strategies. This is one of the most important strategy one must learn before choosing their niche to promote, market & advertise in! 

I`ve gotten to the point that those who can see what needs to be done dropping their pride and ego are the one`s I only care about and will do what I need to do to help them! Those who don`t or refuse to see it I don`t care. This is not a vent but a fact! Good information is suppose to be shared period. 

Spencer Taylor Jr.

US Marine Veteran/Entrepreneur

Press Release comments:

Yes Spencer, this is a well reasoned approach which falls into the 'hitching a ride on someone else's shirt tale' philosophy, the big boys do it all the time.Tom Riach

Excellent Press Release Spencer Taylor Jr., Thanks for the real talk on using Artificial Intelligence and how it will make a positive impact on marketing online. Happy Holidays! :DQUEENHAJAR AKANQI