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Why Do Many Marketers Continue To Use The Overhype Strategy?

How many of you have also seen a lot of marketers using hype to promote their businesses products and or services? The only thing that matters to the end consumer is the value provided by that product or service. That strategy will only brand the company and not you. Keep that in mind! 

There are also many who will hype a pre-launch company or platform and my question to those who do is why? Neither has proven anything yet! Remember you along with 1,000`s of other reps are promoting the same products, services and replicated websites too! Are you using a different approach? 

Let`s say person A, B & C are promoting the same products to potential customers and let`s say that person A & B are using the same amateur strategy using their replicated websites while person C decides to build their own site to inform potential customers of the value those products can give them. 

Which of these 3 has the better odds of getting more sales? You guessed it, person C knew by doing the same thing as the others they would just blend in and get lost among the crowd! Using this approach allows one to build themselves and their brand! 

One must also keep in mind that business tools are only as good as one having the ability to effectively use those tools. If you are going to use the company`s video I suggest you re-record it and narrate by introducing yourself and let those who will view the video what they will learn in the video. 

 When one uses the overhype strategy it can be a real big turn off for many and I know many get excited about the products and or services they promote I do too! The thing is I don`t have to overhype what I promote because I demonstrate what is possible via my videos!

Whether one viewing those videos see a value or not  is their decision. We all can agree that those who are serious will either take action or reach out to get any questions they may have answered  and that`s one thing I make sure that those who have questions can call me on my private number! 

Yesterday the I represent launched their Artificial Intelligence software  to the all in one marketing platform for all business owners! I couldn`t believe how fast it scanned my website, recommended 2 social media post, created a blog for my site, created a newsletter and sent it out on my behalf. Demo below! 

This is the future of online marketing which will help those who have little to no online marketing skills get a professional presence online by replacing one`s knowledge or lack there of with system knowledge! This approach will definitely increase one`s odds for success!

Imagine one signing up, choosing their niche and the AI instantly builds their website, creates and add the blog to the website updating the content daily, creating their social marketing post, creating their newsletter, managing their leads & contact via their CRM all on autopilot! 

Although my excitement was evident I did not have to overhype the AI software but instead explain what it will do for business owners in need of an online presence, why it is the future to online marketing and by showing one how fast and easy it is with my own demonstration! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Spencer Taylor Jr.

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