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Pandemic Has More People Watching Videos! "Hint Hint"

With this pandemic there are even more people watching and using video to seek solutions whether it`s to find out about a certain product or reviewing a business opportunity it`s a fact that consumers use videos to find out more about a product or service before making a purchase. Many are aware of this but only a minute few will implement this strategy.

I`m a firm believer that one`s business needs a set of powerful software tools that will lessen the load and also help enhance and improve their business! The video above was done 9 months ago and is still ranking on the 1st page of Bing which most marketers have forgotten about. I have a set of 6 different video marketing software tools! 

One of my software tools syndicates my content for me and that video among another were the ones I tested that software on and they are the top 2 ranking videos on Bing and have to get back to focusing on my YouTube Channel and video marketing strategies! Think of your video as an infomercial or your personal commercial for potential viewers.

This is very important for those who promote these types of products as an affiliate! If you get caught up in using the developers demo or salespage you will find yourself doing what the countless 1,000`s of other affiliates are doing never allowing yourself to stand above and beyond the crowd! Don`t be a typical affiliate.

I know for myself i`m more likely to purchase a software tool from someone who is sold on the product, uses the product and does their own walkthrough demo giving an unbiased review of that product. That is what consumers are looking for when using video to further research a product or service! 

These powerful tools also allow you to create another income stream as a service! There are many who are either afraid of technology or don`t have the time or skills to implement these strategies for their business. I can even track high traffic videos for clients who want to see how much traffic they are getting with certain keywords.

That is either daily, weekly or monthly! Not only do you get to track those videos you also get all the information you need. Title, description and tags which you can re-spin the content for your own videos! Videos aren`t going anywhere no time soon and with many staying home this is a great time to capitalize on this strategy.

This video is the 2nd one ranking on Bing too which gives me a better chance at earning income for my marketing efforts! This is the ultimate goal for all marketers. If you`re promoting a product or service just do a quick demo walkthrough showing your potential customers what they can expect if they choose to purchase from you.

This will also give you some credibility too! A friendly reminder, don`t get caught up into just promoting stuff just to make a buck because others are doing that too! Marketers like that will never earn their desired income because they will not walk their own path or use a path that is already proven! 

Spencer Taylor Jr.

Press Release comments:

Excellent Press Release Spencer Taylor Jr., both videos were clear on marketing your business and rating good keywords. The tool seems easy to use. Thanks for sharing and success to all who use this tool. :)QUEENHAJAR AKANQI

One thing is for sure, if you don't stand out, and can't be found you won't get business. Dennis Thorgesen