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Online Marketing Strategies To Help You Connect With Those You Don`t Know

Online marketing strategies to help you connect with those you don`t know. We are all aware of those strategies that allows us to connect to those we know by presenting content using social media networks. The only drawback is that everyone is using this strategy. 

One must now be more strategic than ever to stand out from all the others using these social media networks. Social marketing and incentive marketing are now being used more to attract the audience one is seeking in today`s online space. 

I have access to a large database of roughly 12,000 of the world`s most sought out content from articles to videos! My suggestions come from the AI I have activated on my websites taking the guess work out of play. It`s machine learning meaning my suggestions will get even better! 

AI is making a positive impact in the online space and it can definitely help those who have little to no online marketing skills! Imagine you choosing your industry, subcategory, a brief description of your business and the AI builds your website, selects the best keywords for your SEO, creates your professional newsletter... 

selects your social marketing post and much more! Now we all know that there are many potential consumers worldwide and this is another bonus this platform provides at no extra cost. You can present your information to those you don`t know by placing a virtual... 

advertising pin in any location on the map, whether you`re looking for new local customers, city or state customers or international customers your professional ad will display on 1,000,000 of the world`s most popular websites, social networks and mobile apps displaying...

on Android/IOS mobile devices, tablets, laptops or desktops without any equipment or bluetooth needing to be enabled on these devices. You can set your advertising radius between .6 to 500 miles and schedule the days and times you want your ad to display! 

Keep in mind that online marketing takes one being patient. Getting exposure is the name of the game and it could take 3 to 6 months or more and that will depend on the message in your ad and is it something that will resonate with your potential clients! 

Also keep in mind as you build your business there are a lot of hungry people overseas looking to make money online! Never make the mistake of believing everyone will want your product or service just provide the value and they will decide for themselves. 

Another fact one must be aware of is that your potential clients may not be ready to purchase at the moment. That doesn`t mean they may not be interested just not ready at that particular time so keep providing that value and keep it in front of them. 

Those who are using landing/capture pages try to mask your page URL. Doing so will allow you to advertise that page and 2 it will give your page a more professional look! Remember consumers pay attention to detail and if  your site looks like others (replicated) that could cause...

you to miss out on a new lead or sale for your business! There`s a lot of noise in the online space and you have to be very careful or you`ll find yourself doing what everyone else is doing. I only share what I personally use for my own businesses nothing more! 

You must be willing to scale your business and invest monies necessary for you to do so. Using free and low cost resources is okay at the beginning but to continue relying on them will hurt your business. Identify your target market too it will make a big difference! 

Are you ready to expose your business to the world? Your potential clients await you the question is are you going to continue pretending to be a business owner or are you going to buckle down and do what must be done to build your empire? Time to make a wise decision!

Spencer Taylor Jr.

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Back top Spencer for what is,in my mind, an extremely important announcement.Tom Riach

Great Press Release. Thank you for sharing Keep up the good work!Bob & Shirley Rushing

Spencer we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Congratulations for getting a head start. Congrats for being honored as the Member of the Day.James Randolph

Looking good Spencer! Back to the top you goMicky Gramlin

A group and I were discussing marketing today. The hardest customer to bring in is always the first. What we found is the difference in those who succeed and those who fail, is not learning something new from each buyer.

Everyone has needs, and if you reach them in the right way, people will become buyers. Artificial intelligence is playing a bigger part of this each day.

Dennis Thorgesen

This is revelationary and revolutionary Spencer, a terrific insight into real marketing power. What you've written of certainly demands attention. I'm fascinated by the possibilities.Tom Riach

Are you ready to finally take the next step to advance your online strategies? I couldn't think of a better place to begin than right here with this...well you read it and take the necessary steps...Are you ready?Gene Hughes (MD)